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ATC - Lady Rat by Adelaida
ACEO Trade: Bloodi by Agaave
Nov Aceo Redwall151 by Astrocat
Cards from 2022
AEAE by Rait-StormDragoness
ACEO Water Friend by Sysirauta
[ACEO] lynxfang-art by Xkarka
ACEO - November 2022 by McKabber
Cards from 2021
Playing in the Woods by Dodgesmiley
Noodle Kitty by Dodgesmiley
ACEO: Otherwordly by ISRJMI
Aurora borealis - Aceo #33 by Aurumorea
Cards from 2020
ACEO Detective by lynxfang-art
ACEO38 by SherryFierceDC
ACEO: Dragarta by MalcressArt
ACEO December by LadyFromEast
Cards from 2019
ACEO: April 2020 by LadyFromEast
ACEO: March 2020 by LadyFromEast
ACEO NikiKalat by Phoeline
Blue king by NikiKalat
Cards from 2018
Aceo #25 Phoenix dragon by Aurumorea
Memories fading with that sun ATC by NikiKalat
ACEO Hellypse December 2018 by LadyFromEast
Cards from 2017
ACEO Dodgesmiley by Phoeline
ACEO On the run by NinaArisava
ACEO: The jungle duo by Eleweth
ACEO : Play?! by RajahACEO
Cards from 2016
Raika : ACEO by whitew3r3wolf
ACEO Yummy by Aisha-Autumn
ACEO: whitew3r3wolf by Lemon-Jaguar
ACEO LunarStarStudio by ElorenArt
Cards from 2015
July ACEO Raikadelanoche by Astrocat
Space rays - ACEO for Rakshemau by wolf-minori
ACEO Dragarta by LadyFromEast
ACEO silly sweater by Aisha-Autumn
Cards from 2014
ACEOFursXchange - Woodenbullet by Noktivus
ACEO Rakshemau by LadyFromEast
Because bubbles by ElorenLeianor
ACEO/ATC: The Element of Destruction by Samantha-dragon
Cards from 2013
I will lighten your way ATC by NikiKalat
Cards from 2012
Cards from 2011
ACEO: Lounging in the Lavender by Sessko
Cards from 2010
.:ACEO Renn:. by Sessko
Cards from 2009
ACEO - Pannya by drachenmagier
Cards from 2008
ACEO - Khaosdog by olvice
Cards from 2007
Bloodhound Omega ACEO by mirroreyesserval
Cards from 2006
ACEO -Yellow Eyes- by CrescentMoon

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General informations about our group

ACEOfursXchange is a group for talented artists interested in trading original ACEO/ATC cards with all kind of animals and anthros. Group's history is very long, we've started trading in November 2006 through Livejournal and since the time we've connected many artists from all around the world.
ACEOfursXchange has a quality control but feel free to hit the join button if you want to take a part. We will let you know in a few days :] But please, check out these important links first:

:pointr: HOW THE GROUP WORKS    :pointr: F.A.Q.   

Since January 2011 we will be adding names of our members who still didn't finish their cards and their communication was quite poor. You should be careful when accepting a trade with them:

2011: SombraStudio Marzzunny RoterWalddrache
2012: Amritha Suane
2013: Werwal AlectorFencer ElysianImagery
2015: LucidKitsune space-hail Zephiriara
2016: Umbra-Avis velokhti ClimbToTheStars
2017: SlayaArt TheArtOfOnyx
2018: elmenora Banamikaze
2019: SufmcDuf Amadoodles
2022: Mystalia
There are partners for December's trade, 16 participants! Your partner's info will be send asap via e-mail. If you don't receive your partner's info within next 24 hours, please let me know. Don't forget to upload your finished card to the club's gallery so we can see it. Have fun (:
  • Sysirauta + Diaminerre
  • DragonaACEO + Aurumorea
  • Axic0n + CultistCarl
  • Lynxfang-art + AndromedasWitchery
  • Rait-StormDragoness + McKabber
  • Daviddekleer + Phoeline
  • Dodgesmiley + xKarka
  • Hellypse + Kailavmp
I also remind members who haven't shown their part of November's trade yet ( noone this time, yay! ) that they have 7 days to submit finished ACEO without being suspended from the group.
We are still looking for new artists to join us! If you have any questions, please visit F.A.Q. and Important dates first or send a note to Dragarta.
There are artists who have signed for December's trade. If there is any mistake or someone is missing, please let me know as soon as possible! : ) If you are signed and you still haven't finished your part for actual round, hurry up! There are only 3 days left.
  • AndromedasWitchery
  • Aurumorea - unfinished
  • Axic0n
  • CultistCarl
  • Daviddekleer
  • Diaminerre - unfinished
  • Dodgesmiley - unfinished
  • DragonaACEO - unfinished
  • Kailavmp
  • Lynxfang-art
  • McKabber
  • Phoeline
  • Rait-StormDragoness - unfinished
  • Sysirauta - unfinished
  • xKarka
  • + BloodhoundOmega as backup
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