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This is ACEO XR... where size matters!!

"From campy adult humor to the more risque content... and everything in between... no matter where your art goes... if it's adult content art... then it's ACEO XR!!"

Screaming forth from out of the heart of the ACEO movement, the founder of ACEO, Lisa Luree, gives birth to ACEO XR, the second official ACEO group. The adult version of ACEO. That was on October 24th, 2007. Seven days later, on Halloween, the beloved Godmother of ACEO handed over the reins of ACEO XR to us (M & T aka surreal1st1cp1llow), thus thrusting us into the Head Honcho seat.

As caretakers and developers of the official adult branch of the ACEO movement, we want to widen the scope of the collective, to see it flourish, as was intended by the founder.

ACEO XR is part of the family of XR art groups, an established art collective of global artists, selling their branded wares of "XR" art on the web.
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Rules Of Submission

1. Size matters here at ACEO XR. An ACEO is standardized to 2.5" x 3.5". The size is what makes an ACEO an ACEO. No other size canvas qualifies as an ACEO.

2. Genre matters here at ACEO XR. We are dedicated to all aspects of the Adult Genre, in all its varied and exquisite forms. Nudity is a key part of the Adult landscape, but isn't required.

3. Submission folders are divided into standard and not so standard sub-genres. Please submit to whichever folder(s) best fits your sub-genre. If your ACEO XR does not fit into any sub-genre, Miscellaneous is your best fit.

4. There is a folder for any ACEO XR artists that have ACEO XR art for sale in cyberspace. There is also a folder for any commission work offered by ACEO XR artists.

5. The XR Laboratory is where you will find tools of the trade. Any ACEO XR artist is free to use the logo on any ACEO XR listing to promote their ACEO XR art.

6. Submissions to the ACEO XR gallery folders are limited to members only, and must be your own work, or a collaboration. Submissions to Featured are subject to a vote. Submissions to Favourites cannot be your own work, and are also subject to a vote. All submissions must pass thru Elvira's cleavage, or a fire-breathing dragon, depending on the sub-genre.

7. DA bans pornography.

Hitting the links below will take you to the rules governing nudity, pornography, etc.

DA Nudity Policy

DA rules on Pornographic Images

DA rules on Censoring adult material

DA Policies…


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Existential Crisis?

Elon Musk’s Billion-Dollar Crusade to Stop the A.I. Apocalypse? 

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ACEO/ACEO XR (on eBay) Founder Lisa Luree aka Bone*diva

ACE0/ACEO XR (on eBay) Founder Lisa Luree aka Bone*diva

ACEO XR Hit 13 Years!

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XR Art & Artist Tongue Exchange (Forum Link)

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Gallery Folders

Julie Winters from The MAXX by Rasmane
CA Anniversary Prize ACEO #410 - Peridot Mantis by SailorAlcyone
ACEO #383 - Chromium Chiroptera by SailorAlcyone

Mature Content

ACEO #8 -Madwon - Gamma Rei by SailorAlcyone
whip it up - W I P

Mature Content

Desk Teaser 1 ACEO XR - Works In Progress ACEOs by NaughtyliciousArt

Mature Content

Desk Teaser 3 ACEO XR - Works In Progress ACEOs by NaughtyliciousArt

Mature Content

Desk Teaser 2 ACEO XR - Works In Progress ACEOs by NaughtyliciousArt

Mature Content

Desk Teaser 4 ACEO XR - Works In by NaughtyliciousArt
DO IT For The Doubloons - COMMISSIONS

Mature Content

[YCH] #276 by anniabstract

Mature Content

Unchou Kan-u Art Card by BGaltered

Mature Content

Shadow Queen Paper Mario by ciphersilva

Mature Content

Matoko Blazblue by ciphersilva
ACEO XRs For Sale In Cyberspace

Mature Content

E'lei ~ Original Mermaid ACEO XR by NaughtyliciousArt

Mature Content

Megan ~ Original ACEO XR by NaughtyliciousArt

Mature Content

Leah ~ Original ACEO XR by NaughtyliciousArt

Mature Content

Charlee ~ Original ACEO XR by NaughtyliciousArt
Do ya Digi ?
Watch The Birdie - Photography
Sticky 'n Stiff - C o l l a g e s

Mature Content

Born to Rule by ephermera-remix

Mature Content

Video Programs by ephermera-remix
One Eyed Monster Goes with the Flow by BoneDiva

Mature Content

Fighting a Storm, variation four by ephermera-remix
Ride The Rainbow - L G B T
Deeply Penetrating: Spirit-Psych-Sociopolitical

Mature Content

NO QUARTER by dirbiart

Mature Content

THE VATIC MUSE by dirbiart
And Angels Came by ephermera-remix

Mature Content

Red States by ephermera-remix
Bone Dance With The DAY OF THE DEAD
Will Strip For Comics

Mature Content

Guko! by request by chuckcac
MANGA In Your Kimono, Or You Just ANIME To See Me?

Mature Content

dem jellies by ciphersilva
Pet It Til It Purrrs - ANTHRO - FURRIES

Mature Content

The Discovery ACEO by LizBoudreauArt

Mature Content

Commissioned Zatanna ~ Original ACEO XR by NaughtyliciousArt
Dress Code: Bikini - Thong - Lingerie

Mature Content

Cailean ACEO by Anoki-Doll
Let's Eat Cheesecake - P I N U P S

Mature Content

Let Down You Hair by chuckcac
Stimulate Your EROTICA Zone
Get Ur Freak On: Fetish - BDSM
Get Down With LOWBROW
Pop-It-In -- POP ART

Mature Content

SUGAR n SPICE by dirbiart
Pillow Of Dreams - SURREALISM

Mature Content

THE WORMANIZER by dirbiart

Mature Content

VOODOO SMILES by dirbiart
Pull Out Your Big Raygun------- sci-fi
Jack Spade Terrorformer XR ~ PLAYING CARD by surreal1st1cp1llow
Whatever FANTASY You Fancy

Mature Content

Vandenynas ACEO by Anoki-Doll
Funny Boner - HUMOR

Mature Content

COCTUS by dirbiart
When It Just Don't Fit - MISCELLANEOUS

Mature Content

Spicy YCH #8 Set Price (1/2 OPEN) by anniabstract
ACEO XR Challenges
XR Challenges Icon by surreal1st1cp1llow


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