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I don't really know what to even do anymore. Should I leave like many others, or should I stay and watch this site go down the pipes? Many are talking about leaving.

As CeeAyBee's said.. make this go viral. Time is running out.
Be HEARD! No matter how small, YOU HAVE A VOICE!

CeeAyBee has made the image FREE to USE.
Please download and re-post as YOUR own.
Make this go viral! Thank you.

I guess, this is goodbye huh? Ten days left to appreciate the old site before it's completely gone forever

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ECLIPSE has crippled one of my groups, IndustrialART, by hiding the submissions queue so well that I, the only admin left, cannot even find it to approve submissions. It is now impossible to accept art on behalf of the group and therefore futile to submit any. The group is practically dead!

I tried not paying and found immediately that I had submitted twice my total .stash allocation and could not submit anything more!! But for what reason should I submit art if this site is to be swamped by phonecam using artistic illiterates? Being 'favoured' by such noobs is scarcely an accolade. Will ANY serious artists join us while the site is like this? Will any genuinely hard working and serious artists STAY for this appalling nonsense.

I faved this 'deviants' manifesto' because it's the truth! WE are the 'stock in trade' of deviantART and if we all folded our easels and left in disgust it would be practically worthless and the teeny-bopper anime fans could do what they liked with it. It would NEVER amount to anything again!