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Say No Eclipse

By AceNos


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A petition to stop eclipse!:…

Anyone looking at this. Please help spread this in protest of Eclipse. I can't even navigate through it properly.

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Oh its bad! On my phone its not bad at all but on my laptop its waaay too tedious with the notification system, uploading, etc. Screw this eclipse crap!
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I think it should be better if we pressured the DA staff into fine tuning those issues and also optimizing it so that it doesn't suffer from slow loading times.

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holy jesus this is getting a lot of signs lol

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We lost...but If I go to will be because they had to kick me from swimming them...

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I have signed the petition with 3 emails =>


What happened to that?

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I agree so much to this. Eclipse should not have existed, according to some DA users they have said that wix was not very functional for large websites and this is a perfect example of this. I was surprised to discover that the UI and functionality of websites designed from wix are very laggy and buggy. I'm not sure why on earth DA was sold to wix though.
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all we can do now if protest, spread the word, and sign a petition. Right now, the sound of silence protest is happening
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True. If that fails well a lot of people will just leave DA . I even feel very disappointed in them allowing this eclipse to run it's garbage. I actually came across a fantastic deviation submitted by someone and it was an amazing version of a what if version of DA updated was done right
How DeviantART Eclipse should have been by Fairloke

It's truly amazing how an actual user of this site can actually make a what if upgraded concept of DA with the most original features still with it doing a much better job than the actual developers who created eclipse.
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it looks to me like a Max exodus of users seems to be an inevitability at this point
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It seems like like it huh.
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I dread may 20th.

They're not going to listen until their bottom lin e is compromised like tumblr.

they really arent listening
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Me too I dread that date also. I agree they certainly wont listen to us, unfortunately it's sad staff and web developers only care about what they want but not their site users until it's either too late or it's way beyond past their bottom line. Killing a pesky cockroach is easier than convincing  corporate greedy money hungry people.
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I heard it seems to be more like a n attempt to "modernize" Deviantart which seems to me like it's going to fall flat on it's face. I doubt this is for profit buts it's more like something as bad as what happened to Tumblr. There was a mass logout that brought it to it's knees
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It's not just about the color or even "shifting around a few buttons".

It's about the basic functionality of this site that's flat out missing.

If Eclipse goes through, I won't be able to talk to people properly. I can't format my comments or use plz-icons or smilies properly without jumping through a dozen hoops that render that unusable. I can't even preview my comments, because "what you see is what you get and there's nothing you can add to it".

I can't even look at the 3000+ conversations I've had with people in the past 13 years in my inbox, because "infinite scroll" has replaced the "page"-buttons. Infinite scroll only makes sense on mobile, if you want to "quickly check your latest messages" and don't care about the rest. But I do.

I've spent 13 years on this site putting effort into my replies to people.

Because I've already been "famous" before elsewhere.

1.6 million views on a Youtube video may not seem much today. But it was in 2007/2009.

"September 22nd '08: #98 - Top Rated (All Time) - Entertainment - Germany"
"February   8th '09: #96 - Top Rated (All Time) - Entertainment - Germany"

I'd already gotten flooded with "omg lol so cool" 08/15 comments and know that it isn't about the numbers, it's about the community. And to stand out among a crowd in somebody else's inbox? You gotta be more creative than "omg lol".

I learned that, just as I got started on this site. I put effort into my comments. On the days I don't have the time to work on my art or my stories, I write deviantArt comments as a creative outlet. I see these comments as part of my art. Maybe not all of them, but a lot of them. Maybe not the type of art I'd put up in a museum for others to marvel at, but the type I'd put in a photo album to frequently revisit, and occasionally share parts of with others.

I started posting on Youtube around the same time I started posting on deviantArt, 13 years ago.

And even though I got more attention on Youtube than I ever received on deviantArt, I feel more at home here.

Here, I have a sense of community. Sadly, I never quite got that on Youtube. In part that's my own shortcoming. But mainly? I blame Youtube's terrible comments- and inbox-system that's only gotten worse over the years and made interacting with people in any meaningful way a chore.

"Regular" deviantArt literally has the single best inbox / comments system I have seen anywhere on the entire internet in 20 years.

Eclipse does not.

I judge other social media sites by how well they can reproduce deviantArt's inbox- and comments-functionality. DeviantArt shouldn't imitate other social media sites, they should be imitating deviantArt.

Eclipse won't let me be creative. On a site for artists. :iconfacepalmplz:
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yea........ no... I prefer eclipse, the green really does just hurts the eyes.


I think the dark theme would be super nice as an option. Of course, what I dislike about it is the changes to the features it brings.

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I gonna to say no
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