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Sanses by AceLight525519 Sanses by AceLight525519
Sans and my oc Michal Avrath (a character of a story I'm working on). Somewhat they kinda look and feel similar. I don't know why I put a height chart as a background but meh, I'm too lazy.

- Both are lazy and depressed (I dunno about sans)
- Cares about their families
- Have siblings
- Loves puns and jokes
- Get serious at particular moments
- * Eyes changes colour during battle (Light blue eyes)
- Has scientific background
- Hates/dislikes promises
- Doesn't kill or hurt people unless needed.

- Height (according to the internet, Sans is 5'0. Michal is 5'2 however [f.f. I used my height for him/her])
- Sans is left handed, Michal is ambidextrous mostly uses his/her right hand
- Gender: Michal is gender fluid. Can be a girl, a boy, neither or either. (I'll take about my story's gender rule someday)
- * Eyes changes colour during battle (Sans have Light blue and yellow on his left eye. Michal, however, has a light blue right eye (mercy) and has a red left eye (kill). Sometimes both are light blue or red if she/he really needs to use mercy or kill strongly).
- Sans plays the trombone while Mike plays both violin and piano.
- Sans is always seen happy, Mike never smiles unless he/she needs to pretend (happy when her/his family is around)
- Sans gives his enemies time to think twice. Michal just kills them.
- Michal can also kill if she/he is given the command to.
- Michal doesn't drink (if poisoned with cyanide, she/he gets drunk)
- Sans likes reading science fiction. Michal dislikes them and rather reads crime fiction, mystery and action.

I want to rant all their similarities and differences but at the same time I don't want to. I don't wanna waste your time so if you have questions about Michal just ask me in the comments or pm me. Oh and about Michal's hair, it's not hair dye, a part of her/his hair changes colour along with his/her eye.
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December 23, 2017
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