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Overwatch OH: Malaya Red Bayani by AceLight525519 Overwatch OH: Malaya Red Bayani by AceLight525519
Been obsessed with the game for so long~ (even though I haven't played it). And well, I haven't submitted something for so long.

Since she was young, she was obsessed with blood and the color red. She was know to be the "Little Red Riding Hood" in the family, but with great talents, amazing battle skills and a wide knowledge of both medical and millitary expertise at young age. Trained by her uncle who was a doctor, she began experimenting with blood at the age of fifteen using her own blood. She tried and failed a couple of times but succeeded at most measures trying on the rats she caputured at her house. Curious at what will happen if she mixes them altogether, she deliberately fuses her finished tests, success or not, in one big vial.

She made a mistake though, bringing it to school and not saving any back home.

One day, men who were interested in their family secrets, followed her and discovered her experiment. Planning to ruin the family's legacy, they tried the experiment on her by injecting half of it on her eye, directly to her iris, and in her veins. Pain shot from both her head, neck and both arms. She suddenly stopped struggling and everyone thought she was dead 'til they figured out that she was unconcious.

She undergo comatose for several years, her attention from needed to forgotten. The said hospital where she was admitted, got abandoned and old within the years she was asleep and unmoving.

Sometime later, a member of Overwatch discovered her and brought her to the base. Dr. Ziegler tried everything to wake her up but failed, instead she was amazed on the results of her unconcious subject. But before she could get a blood sample from her, she awakens and threats her to kill the doctor if she does something wrong.

Members of Overwatch interrogate her but to their dismay, she cannot remember everything, even her name, but the color "red". Curious, they put her into various test and was shocked on her performances. With the word 'red' stuck on their heads, they tried to show her different things that are red, until Dr. Ziegler found the answer. She showed a vial of blood to her and she reacted. Memories of her accident flood into her head. Ziegler pleaded her to tell her what she can remember now after she saw the 'red'.

With her short memory, she was finally accepted by the organization and was one of their top assassins because of her incredible stealth. Whenever she was not on duty, she searches answers to her mysteries. She traced it from Australia to the Philippines. She was excited when she was one of the assigned people in a mission in her homecountry.

With great success and victory from their foes, she begged from her commander to 'walk around town' for a while. She searched for answers in museams and archives without being noticed. When all hopes were gone, she came across an old man who knew her and told her he cannot rest until he tells her the truth. She found out that everything went gloom after several attempts of waking her up. Her parents died several years ago and her sister was nowhere to be found. Her fears kicked in and she was lost in sorrow. But he tells her that there is hope, and with one final breath he tells the name of her cousin which she realize as a member of the organization. She returned to her team hiding her feelings.

She hid her sadness whenever she was in public and went on a mental breakdown when she's alone. She changed her attitude to her cousin whenever they were paired. Wanting to rejoin her family, she finds a cure to her 'sickness'.

Everything went well when she built a hidden lab in her room, until Winston found out. Looking for her to report the current mission, he found the hidden lab and entered it seeing her playing with vials with red substance. To shut traps, she told him everything from the accident to the man who told her from her mission in the Philippines. With pity, he agreed to help her.

It took days for them to successfully make it, using her own blood. It was finished when she came back from a special mission. Without hesitation, she drank it. Unlike her experiment, she felt no pain and she was fine after that. She tested it in several activities and found out. Though she can die, she cannot age to her desired age, she still can heal herself, use weapons, and control others using blood.

When Overwatch was disband, she went home to the Philippines and helped the innocents from Talons deadly claws. She was called to action again when Winston initiate a recall.

With no name, she calls herself "Red" (not to be confused with the other Red) for she remembers nothing but the color itself.

"Duty Calls."
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September 27, 2016
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