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Наконец-то появились футболки с Лёшка-мэновскими артами.

АПД. Кстати заказать футболки теперь можно не только по России, но также в Беларусь и Украину.

Капитан Украина.

Captain Ukraine1
by *AceKomiks on deviantART

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Лёшка-мэн и Супер-обезьяна Мо.

Leska-man and Super-monkey Mo1
by *AceKomiks on deviantART

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Снеговик-Маньяк-Убийца с паяльником с Юпитера.

by *AceKomiks on deviantART

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Страница из комикса "Лешка-мэн и Тёмная Лагуна".

Sea World
by *AceKomiks on deviantART

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  • Listening to: Kings Of Leon-Closer
Теперь наши арты можно увидеть и купить на футболках.
Пока, что на футболках только Ирины работы (серия Бестиарум Вокабулум), но скоро будет пополнение и от меня)…
  • Listening to: Kings Of Leon-Closer

SINGLE CHARACTER - full shots, bust-shots etc... tell me what kind of shot you want.
You should ask for two or more characters, but the price won't be the same.

NO BackGround (or very easy to draw!)

:bulletblack:I can draw everything (except animals and yaoi!)
:bulletblack:I do "Fan-art" from anime, and comics/manga...
:bulletblack:I can do your very own character.
:bulletblack:I do pfotorealism or caricature.
:bulletblack:I prefer to do women)))

To the customer I will send on e-mail a file on 300 dpi.
And I'll post them here (or not if it's porn) for further exposure in 150dpi .

(Prices in US Dollar)

:bulletblack:Finished PENCIL SKETCH starting price= $50
:bulletblack:INK DRAWING starting price= $60
:bulletblack:FULLY COLOURED starting total price (line+color) = $100

:bulletred:Payment via Western Union.
:bulletred:Payment required BEFORE starting the piece.


Please NOTE me only if you're sure about commissioning, please include "COMMISSION" in the subject.
Within the inquiry, to make things easier, please state what you're after In DOT POINT FORM supplying any referential material you have (whether it be exact or examples, like pictures, or even a doodle of your own) BE PRECISE. This way it'll be easier for me to judge the pricing and also will moves things along on a quicker pace.

Thanks for your attention !