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So, let's just get this out of the way.

I haven't been active here mainly because the only thing that ever gets attention is 3D Sci-Fi related artwork, which is only one thing I can do, and I'm not so one dimensional that I'm going to keep doing that and only that because it gets attention. There comes a point where it's unsatisfactory that I must keep doing only those things to get and keep followers, and admittedly, I've been there for quite a while. In fact, I haven't touched my 3D progams in awhile, because I no longer have interest in it.

Hell, I hardly do much with my traditional art, less than half a dozen drawings (more if you count scraps) in the last 4 months, 3 of that was fanart for a DnD stream I watch (listen to) on Twitch, and the digital drawing I did of the elf girl that I, hoping to get some more of an audience as a drop of water in a goddamn ocean, uploaded here. And, as expected, fuckin' nothin', and I was quite proud of it, for a realy first time attempt at Digital (which, admittedly, was going over my drawn-on-paper artwork because I don't have the practice in to fully change to Digital Art, much less the motivation).

And that fanart done for that DnD stream, uploaded onto my twitter (since that's the only place they'll share it from on their Monday art streams, that I miss half of), prove somewhat popular - another separate corner one gets locked into when it's the only thing that gets attention by others when one wants to show their works off. No input is just as bad as too much input - too little or no input drives people away from doing anything, it's not good, it leads to demotivation. Too much input can do the same, especially when it heads off to the point that one feels they can do no right in their artwork, or feel their work as no artistic merit in anything.

And even there, there's a trend among them doing the streams I have noticed, they will compliment all the artwork, but unless you do something absolutely extraordinary (IE: Anything digital that looks something like Artgerm puts out on a regular basis) will they ever suggest people follow them on twitter, but if you do "sub-par" work is basically glossed over, to move onto the next thing, hoping they can give absolute high praise to one thing. My artwork, personaly above "sub-par", has been glossed over because it isn't done digitally, while a digital piece you have slight trouble seeing, is giving high praise.

I've gotten to the point I have removed myself from the Classic BattleTech boards, even LordsOfTheBattlefield, which was never very active in the first place. But hey, a few of my drawings made it into their fan TRO - the Nightmare, Falchion and the Hammerhead. Yep, as you guessed, did piss-all for name recognition. CBT I dropped away from due to the fact I'm not one of the "good ol boys", so my respectful acknowledgement of ones differing view point while they come out and call me nothing short of a fucking idiot, gets me torn apart by his friends and the goddamn fucking moderators as not being "respectful of others opinions." But I never called him a fucking idiot or anything like that, quite literally prefacing with "I disagree and here's why I do . . ." while I get "You are very stupid if you think like that. . . " is thrown at me. But, it's me being disrespectful, so, you know, fuck that.

MekTek drops their forum off the map, taking that haunt with it. Their focus on Heavy Gear Assault, a game nearly 3 years into development that seems to be no where close to being remotely complete, and seems to be going nowhere.

I have no motivation to do only one things repeatedly because it gets views, it leads to stagnation, demotivation, and a sense of being unfullfilled. I want to do more and be recognized for it - that is why I have shared it here. And for 90% of it, absolutely nothing. A drop of water into an ocean, to the point I don't go and take a deep dive into said ocean to see the 'sea life'.
Yeah, just did a journal purge, if anyone really cares to know.

Not much is up on my end, honestly, mostly dealing with work and recovering from a bout with the flu. Other than that, it's just some practice to get the creative juices going again.

Haven't touched Wings3D in a long while, not much motivation there.

Not much interest in uploaded to dA, what with all the unregulated shit being dumped in every fucking gallery, pushing great artwork and artists into the depths. Nevermind the missteps of dA Management with the site.