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W.i.P2: AML-600-X3 Kintaro by AceDarkfire W.i.P2: AML-600-X3 Kintaro by AceDarkfire
Work in Progress
Wings3D (Modeling)
Vue 5 Infinite (Render)

Previous Version/Render:

Still further deviating from the original from years ago, and even deviating from the previous version.

Currently, without any optimizations and not all edges beveled, the mesh is at 234,000 triangles. There's some things I want to dumb down a bit, such as those cylindrical objects you see on the sides of the upper-leg and foot internal structures. I'll be dropping those down to 6-section cylinders, which is less than half of what they are currently. (That, an hexagons would look like something you would take a wrench to).

Though, the upper leg is definitely not finished, I slapped it together to get a feel for some changes I was going to do, and moved onto the lower leg and starting going gung-ho on that.

The torso needs narrowed up on its X-Axis, it's a little wide at the moment. I'm thinking I might do the torso as monocoque, make it simple, but rugged, aybe with a few cross-braces or something. Haven't decided.

A new head-design will come along eventually, just haven't finalized how I wish to do it.
SlabBulkhead Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2011
This looks promising, I just fail to see how it's a Kintaro.

Unless, this ain't for BT.
aznriot Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2011
Interesting, I'd love to see it more detailed with lighting
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June 5, 2011
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