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Nevelle by AceDarkfire Nevelle by AceDarkfire
Nevelle (Nev - El)

No, I didn't neglect to give her pupils, she just doesn't have them.

Her hair is supposed to be black, but to show off any detail in the hair, doing so would just hide the detail, and I didn't feel like trying to show off detail with shading at the time. (I may do another, just to try that out).

Her skin is supposed to look moderately tanned, again... I didn't feel like trying to do that. Something for a future revision or something.

Age: 17
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 145
Eye Color: Teal
Hair Color: Black (hints of purple as hair glosses to light source)

She often works out to keep herself occupied, giving her a well toned to muscular appearance. Her skin, like others of her family line, looks moderately tanned, though there's no tan lines on any part of their bodies.

She typically wears what is referred to as a "Female Combat Dress," though her's is specially modified with Mage Thread, which allows her to increase or decrease the weight of the overgarments, though it requires a lot of concentration to reduce the weight, but not much to increase it - in light of that, when she needs to lighten up fast, she often strips the over-garments off, leaving her with a black, skin-tight tank-top; which stops 4 inches below the bottom of her breasts; and black, skin-tight shorts, which look akin to boxerbriefs without the groin-slot.

When she can't work out, she'll sleep, often for hours on end.

Beyond 2 feet in front of her face, everything is extremely blurry, which causes her peers as a fighter for her Nation to perceive her as useless in a combat situation - which she continually disproves. Her hearing is very good, however because of it, she will often suffer from frequent headaches.

She also suffers from a curse, brought on by the fact that her previous incarnation in a Minor Goddess, Annelesa, banished from the Ethereal Kingdom - consequences of being banished as a Minor Goddess is that your next incarnation is made to suffer being hated by other mortals (even animals don't like you very much). Whenever the curse is broken, anyone who genuinely hates you will still hate you, others who were influenced by the curse will actually be dumbfounded as to why they hated you, but will be aware they did hate you. Family of the incarnation are immune to the effects of the curse, however, most of her family - immediate and extended - were essentially wiped out in defense of the Capitol of the Nation of Mirlan (Mire- Lahn)

She does have a bit of an attitude, primarily brought on by a high state of depression - suffering constant hate from people you don't even know and who don't even know you does wear one down. Without the voice of Annelesa in her head, she most likely would have given into suicide before she turned 8. She tends to be very aggressive in some situations, in others, she's very reserved, very withdrawn from those around her.

Unfortunately for most potential enemies, her specialized attacks and abilities are in the variety of extremely rare - Consisting of Overdrive 6, Wing Blade and Storm Spear.
Special Attack/Ability Descriptions

Overdrive 6 is the most powerful of the Overdrive-type attacks (There are 6 of them), requiring the most energy to use - being more of a final desperation move rather than something to open up a fight with (even though it would end it quickly). Overdriving strength and speed, improving eye-sight and hearing and putting other specialized attacks through the roof in terms of strength and speed in combination with any improvements they make.

Overdrive 6 is a double edged sword if used improperly (which is not hard to do). Aside from being laid out for a week or longer after using it, the possibility of breaking ones own bones, tearing muscles apart or destroying ones own internal organs is a possibility. (Healers = necessary). Lower-rank versions of the specialized ability

Wing Blade is perceived as a strange attack, which summons one of the 8 wings of Annelesa (The Minor Goddess) as a Light-Element blade. Normally, Light-attribute users would be immune to a light-attribute weapon or attack. The user is granted power of the Minor Goddess for a temporary period of time - normally the user doesn't even know it, and any power granted tends to be unused.

Nevelle can bring up the level of Wing Blade, often unwillingly, to use as a heavy assault type of attack or a to use as a very strong defense - which is unpenetrable for a certain period of time. She is the only one known to be able to do that - though it's unsure if its Nevelle herself doing it, or if Annelesa is doing it to protect her incarnation.

Storm Spear can take on one of multiple attibutes the user decides - Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, Light or Dark. Technically not a spear, the Storm Spear usually takes the form of a spike-trap with 8 to 12 foot tall spears erupting from the ground up and into the target - any of the summoned spikes can be used as a spear there afterward, but they do eventually fade, usually within 10 minutes of being summoned. Being essentially blind beyond 2 feet in front of her face, she often requires the assistance of someone else to spring a trap, however, if she taps into her advanced hearing, it isn't too much of a problem.
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