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MekGirl: T.A.R.A.N.A  E.L.S.A by AceDarkfire MekGirl: T.A.R.A.N.A  E.L.S.A by AceDarkfire
Tactical Assault Robotics on Advanced Nanite Assembly.
Enhanced Logic and Systems Advancement

I'm actually planning a redraw on her, I'm not entirely sure I like how this came out in total.

Age: 150
Height: 6' 5"
Weight: 300 lbs
Eye Color: Light Blue (luminous)
Hair Color: Light Blue (luminous)

Actually the progenitor to the T.A.R.A.N.A series of Specialized Military Robots, refered to as the Type-0, the E.L.S.A model supports two separate nanite production cores for advancing system abilities as well as a self-improving neural system that can keep adding new neural connections to improve memory capacity as well as modify existing neural connections to improve performance.

Unlike all other T.A.R.A.N.A models, all but her head mounted support system and hand attachments can be removed without affecting her performance. Her nano-skin will "heal" over the exposed mechanics with those removed, leaving some minor tell-tale signs there was something there. However, she does tend to have balance problems when walking flat-footed, as her gyroscope stabilizer is tuned primarily for wearing high heels.

Considered too expensive at nearly $700 billion, she was shelved in favor of cheaper robots for the field. It wouldn't be for another 140 years that a new T.A.R.A.N.A model would be produced, resulting in the overly complex and moderately expensive Type-1 T.A.R.A.N.A unit - eventually leading into the leggy Type-II that never made it far beyond the Archetype and test stages; the later Type-III that didn't have much in the way of abilities beyond the Type-1; the Type-IV that suffered from power-drain problems when using the Graviton Cannon; and then the Type-V that is still in service that combined the reliability of the Type-1 T.A.R.A.N.A unit with the improvements of the other models without all of the shortcomings. Type-1's and Type-III's became common place in the MekGirl fighting Circuits, the Type-II's essentially became trophy pieces, though still functional (of the 3 that were built). Type-IV's are uncommon, often rare for a fully functional unit that didn't get trashed in the MekGirl Circuits.

She was actually lost to Armoraude MiliCorp after being shelved and put into storage, it was by accident by Elise Maxmilia in a storage werehouse where the E.L.S.A model was stored, off the record, where Elise bumped into E.L.S.A's self-contained service module, which prompted an emergency start-up.

Elise was freaking out during the event, fearing that the machine would kill her in an act of preservation, only to find out most of the military protocols dictating the units responses to perceived aggression were purged some time before the meeting, leaving Elise in awe of being helped to her feet by something that should have, by rights, stripped her limb-from-limb before ending her life. It was at that meeting the acronym of "E.L.S.A" was simplified to just "Elsa" as name both came to accept.

Unsually different from other T.A.R.A.N.A models, E.L.S.A doesn't need to shut down to recharge for more than 5 minutes, unlike the Type-1's through Type-IV's, which require several hours, and the Type-V that requires an hour of shut-down time to recharge - often enough, going into a stand-by mode that emulates human sleeping is enough to completely recharge, even though she doesn't need to shut down or go into stand-by mode for less than 72 hours of operating time, she follows Elise's sleeping patterns.

Elise is usually not without Elsa at her side, even at the beach where Elsa seems to draw the eyes of other beach goers, as it's unusual to see a T.A.R.A.N.A model at the beach in a two piece bathing suit with only two (well, 3) readily apparent signs what they're looking at is a machine.

In non-MekGirl Fighting Circuit life, Elsa enjoys volleyball (normally at the beach), though she tends to hit the ball too hard for the human players to hit back without some bruises for doing so.

Armoraude MiliCorp and the Military on Alpha Centauri Prime have, multiple times, tried to reclaim Elsa, they eventually stopped trying after Elsa annihilated the recovery forces single-handedly - something 6 Type-V's can't pull off - as well as essentially cut-the-head-off-the-chicken after killing the leadership of Armoraude MiliCorp and 3 Generals against multitudes of well equiped mercenary security forces, Type-IV T.A.R.A.N.A units and human special forces and their vehicles. It was after those acts that the government of Alpha Centauri Prime granted Elsa "human status" and the proper licenses to go with it - granting her freedom from being claimed as property; however, despite that, she considers Elise as her owner.
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