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MekGirl: Millie by AceDarkfire MekGirl: Millie by AceDarkfire
Linework is sloppy, something that happens when your hand hurts (broken bone from way back when didn't set right), your back hurts (I need to get this checked), and various other problems that crop up from time to time. That, and I haven't drawn in over two years (Last time I touched a pencil and paper for anything other than writing down idea's was back in October of 2009).

My current scanner is tempermental, usually requiring me to reconnect it or reinstall the driver to get it work without a TWAIN error and telling me the thing is set to "LOCK" and needs undone. Might be annoying to mess around with, but it's far less expensive than going and getting a new one. Though that is still on the table, if I can find a dedicated scanner and not one loaded with a printer. (Usually, they have lower quality scanning heads).

This one spawned from the original concept of Murika Rei, going back, for the most part, to the MegaMan inspired roots.


Age: 17
Height: 7' 8"
Weight: 1156 lbs
Eye Color: Red (luminous)
Hair Color: Brown (Dull)

A model of the Higgin's-Smith DF-1989-A Construction/Hauler/Loader Model line (The 'B' type being Male), "Millie" as she is known to her current owner, Alyssa MacKensize, a wheelchair-bound teenager, is a Heavy Lifter model, meant for Construction Cleanup operations - though very much in demand for warehouse work, where there may or may not be enough room for a full-sized forklift. (IE: The genius that knocked down all those boxes in that one warehouse by hitting a shelf with one, comes to mind).

She is of a series of MekGirls that don't have luminous or outright glowing hair, both representative of cooling performance and the type of coolant being piped through the nanotubes that comprise the hair itself. (And they are self-sealing, so while repairs are eventually necessary, you don't have to freak out about one of the nano-tubes being accidentally cut). The reason for the dull color is because, while the power-systems put out tremendous power, they run very cool, and even though her processing power is up there enough to calculate everything a T.A.R.A.N.A. series must, it also runs exceptionally cool. If the systems are pushed at their limits for long enough.

The DF-19XX series features a heel that is a caterpillar half-track, as well as 2 fore-wheels under each ball and toe pad on the foot. If the unit was unable to walk while carrying a heavy-load, it was able to use the track-and-wheels setup to move the items in question. Primarily the half-tracked versions were used in fairly rough environments while doing Con/Load/Haul duties, with conversion kits to replace the entire foot assembly with a caterpillar system, a full-foot style, or a four-wheeled style. (Their four-wheeled style never panned out, but when they get requests from an owner who wishes for the four-wheeled style, they build the necessary parts and ship them to the customer, rather than making them for shops to fill).

Construction Models had plasma cutters or plasma welders locaded in the cuffs on their arms and clamp-style hands, with extending points to facilitate cutting or welding. The was no difference between the Construction and Demolition models, since they were designed to both do the same things. Hauler/Loader Models just have the cutter and welder removed. In reality, an entire line of Construction models could be swapped to become Hauler/Loaders, it was just a matter of undoing a few bolts and removing the cutter and welder.

While Millie herself is in prime condition, her model line was replaced by the DF-1990-A series, which is lighter, but which has lower ability to take damage from unforeseen incidents. Though, in reality, the DF-1990-A series is the exact same model with lighter external materials - parts can be shared between both models with no ill effects.

Millie, like others of the DF-1989-A' and B's were auctioned off by their owners as they "upgraded" to the DF-1990-A's and B's, most eventually landing into nothing more arduous than helping their new owners mow the lawn or stack firewood.

Millie would be one of only 3 of her model series to have their Creative Limitation software and hardware bundles removed by their owners to make them more useful as campanions. Wheve-ever Alyssa is, Millie is usually by her side, or at least, pushing the wheelchair Alyssa was restricted to after an accident when she was 9 severed her spine. Initially, Alyssa did not want Millie, as Millie was not "the one she wanted," and that Millie "was a beatup yellow school-bus," since Millie was Construction-type sold at auction for far less than a brand-new MekGirl, which her parent's quickly jumped on. This was to give Alyssa a companion while her parents were away at work. It did take Alyssa a long time to warm up to Millie, eventually asking her parents to see about getting Mille repainted from the school-bus yellow to a dark-red.
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