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MekGirl: Milicona by AceDarkfire MekGirl: Milicona by AceDarkfire

I... slacked off on her lower legs. I had problems coming up with anything I'd remotely like, and I just settled on what's there now.
Age: 203
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 400 lbs
Eye Color: Turquoise (luminous)
Hair Color: Turquoise (luminous)

Initially developed as a Command Model in 2269 and fielded in 2272, she was eventually shelved and left in a hermetic chamber for 200 years before being discovered in a "dig" into the abandoned Military Facility she was developed at. The chamber was sealed with a Taliscos-Vescoia Generator to maintain the seal and the integrity of the chamber, requring refueling once every, roughly, 315 years.

Though aggressive by programmed nature, she eventually learned to overwrite it with a new personality after being reactivated - she still does have tendencies to become aggressive, but usually when feeling threatened or if anyone she cares about is threatened or harmed.

While not initially designed for combat, she is more than capable at it, often prefering a customized Mini-gun for combat purposes.

Like most other MekGirl models throughout the galaxy, coolant is often routed through flexible tubules, which is usually formed as hair - giving a lot of flexible surface area to bleed off excess heat. The longer the hair on the model, the more cooling is required to maintain normal operating temperatures. Due to the nature of the coolant, as it cools down, it tends to glow slightly. Generally, the color of the coolant determines its quality - Purples, Blacks and Reds are often low-quality, often clogging the tubules, which requires a complete replacement of all affected tubes. Blue and other obscure colors are often high quality, sometimes some being only available to the Military.
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September 28, 2009
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