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Marmak - Rerender by AceDarkfire Marmak - Rerender by AceDarkfire
For those that know This Piece of Shit, this is a re-render of it... Since that previous render was done in Anim8

It looks halfway decent after I set the smoothing angle to 30 degrees (What ALL my models use). But it is still nonetheless a shitty model...

Primarily because this model, by itself, is 196,750 polygons, untriangulated.

Every edge that I could bevel I had beveled, in a test out of a smoothing method to help the dumbfucks that don't know how to use their rendering program to make models look like they had hard edges in their renders. Namely, one guy who used Vue bitched about people making "ubersmoothed models" that didn't look good in it - the idiot doesn't realize not all programs accurate export smoothing groups, if at all, and a simple autosmooth in the object settings tab could have solved the problem with only a SMALL amount of experimentation.

It royally jacks up the polycount, and between the amount of detail to the amount of polygons, there isn't a good ratio.

It's also retardedly named, as I didn't have any ideas for a name at the time this was modeled.

This model sat for so long, I had honestly thought I deleted it. Seriously, this thing was finished, and in the Anim8or render, done Feb 10 of 2005. It has sat that long. Untouched, assumed deleted. It sat for so long, that I don't know what the fuck is up with that pipe sticking out the back of the forward torso (Look between the part that hangs down and the pelvic location - shouldn't miss it).

You can compare this to my current models, and you'll see some serious differences in how detailed my new ones are compared to this old one, and the ratio of polygons to details. As the newer ones, with higher detailing have much, much lower polycounts.
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zeromyhero Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2007
Never met a Vulture I didn't like.
tanekxavier Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
Myabe you shoudl call it Greedo, cause when I saw this, that was the first thing that popped into my mind. XD
semaj-64 Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2007   Interface Designer
Sounds like you aren't too happy with some people.
The model looks really good. I love all the little details and extrusions. :thumbsup:
AceDarkfire Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2007  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah, from 2003 to 2005, a lot of people had pissed me off - for the most part, not using my models in renders, except for one diehard fan who I haven't seen in about 8 months - that didn't know their render application like they should have from the length of time they used it. It got to the point, that because the models I offered to the community weren't being used, I'd stop offering them - because the people that would download them had actually decided not to use the model in a render... because the autosmooth in the application made the model look not-so-good.

Needless to say, this model was never offered to the community, because I was actually disappointed in it even after I finished modeling it, though didn't admit it at the time.
KatWylder Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2007   Digital Artist
The modelling looks good, but compared to the others, it looks lke you went a little detail-happy. It looks more like a plain Vulture with a lot of plates and grooves than a new chassis.
AceDarkfire Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2007  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well, I had modeled this as a literal Inner Sphere Vulture, practically the same chassis, but distinctly IS in general appearance.

And this was done around Feb 10 over 2 years ago, so the style that makes it is greatly overshadowed by my recent works. But this is basically the model that did further develop my modeling ability, I should at least be thankful to it for that. If it weren't for this model, I doubt my modeling skill/style would be where it is now.

Frankly, trying to emulate other applications with Wings3D is hard, doing it good is another. While I call this model a piece of shit, as well as the previous render, it did change my approach to models - even if it takes me a great many ideas to settle on one and go with it. I experimented with modeling lessons I had learned from the "Marmak" until I had finally hammered down to model the Kanshisha.

The Kanshisha was the [true] follow on model to this; done over a year after the "Marmak"; while I did want to keep an IS feel with it, I decided to take it a different route and model the Kanshisha for my own uses without copyright bull getting in my way.

I might try an even higher polygon project again in the future, something to test my absolute current limits of detailing. I don't know when I'll go forward with that plan, I need to come up with an idea first (Right now, I'm kinda leaning on an Awesome, Victor or Mauler inspired design for a really-high poly project, and have the other two as tag ons to my current series of medium-high count projects - all after I finish the Sledgehammer and the "Idgrad" from the The Triple Threat render)
KatWylder Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2007   Digital Artist
Yeah, I can see the similarities between the Marmak and the Kanshisha now. I think you've done a good job of keeping some of your original idea while changing and improving some of the rest. For one, the details on the Kanshisha are noticeable but don't overwhelm the model as a whole.
Hypenate Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2007  Hobbyist Digital Artist
this is a nice, idd beter als the previous one
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