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GKO-1K Genkou by AceDarkfire GKO-1K Genkou by AceDarkfire
Something done to represent a Technical Readout I did for a Draconis Combine 'Mech. The knees are bent in the image, to squat it a bit so I could zoom in on the 2-for-1 render, without having to render front THEN back and make separate images, or try to cobble them together.

If you know Japanese, "Genkou" is a word for "Copy." And considering the Combine is primarily Japanese hierarchy, it fit, also taking into account its neighbor just happens to be The Ghost Bear Dominion (Rasalhague Dominion in Dark Age), which fielded the Grizzly, that this 'Mech copies aestheticly.

It also brings in a new Combine Weapon - the Autogun, which fires more shots than a Rotary Autocannon, but does damage between the RAC/2 and RAC/5 (3 damage per shot), weighs in at 7 tons (taking 7 crits, and 28 rounds per ton) and is highly innacurate (+2 modifier to hit at 15 hexes, +1 at 7-10, 0 at 3-6, with 2 being a minimum range. The weapon does not fire on a roll of 2), and it only comes in one size. The Autogun went under development in 3056 as an anti-Elemental weapon, with initial prototypes being less than stellar. The final Autogun product came about in 3061, but with MechWarriors knowing how to deal with Elementals, the weapon seemed trivial and a waste of money. It sat on shelves for the next 5 years until combine Technicians tried the weapon outside of its intended purpose. The weapon, when at range, is hard to aim, it's unlikely all 8 3-damage shots will land on target, in fact, that's what made the weapon the ideal for an Anti-Elemental weapon, spreading the shots all across the Point. The weapon, however, does get more accurate as range closes, and any MechWarriors that have come across the weapon before, know to stay at a certain range or end up taking extreme amounts of damage (This makes the weapon a GREAT deterrent to physical combat base 'Mechs, such as the Axman and Hatchetman).

The Genkou is the same weight as the Grizzly, and shares the same movement characteristics - that being 4/6/4 movement - 4 hex cruise, 6 hex run, 4 hex jump - with a Standard Fusion Engine. At 70 tons, the 'Mech is very small and bulky physically, being not much bigger than many 50 ton BattleMechs, and in turn, being quite a bit smaller than the 'Mech it looks like.

The Genkou possesses 13.5 tons of Standard Armor and an Endo Steel frame for protection, strength and weight savings. 4 Extended Range Medium Lasers, 2 Streak SRM-4's with 2 tons of ammo and the Autogun with 3 tons of ammo round out this 'Mechs combat ability and role as a short-to-midrange fighter, ideal for midfielding out in t he open or as a tougher-than-nails Urban Combatant.
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Desert-Chimera Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
Damn dude, you went all out with the readout AND the picture. Nice work.
MegaMechZX Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2007
Great job at this!! I like a lot =D
SonicGundam Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2007
Very interesting design and weapons layout. Also somehow looking at the back of the mech I'm thinking it may have jump jet capability. So i'm asking if this mech can be equipped with jump jets?
dlredscorpion Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2007  Professional Artist
Another sweet arsenal for the Draconis Combined list of mechs.

Hmmm ... just one thing i wanna ask.... Is this an omni mech ?
TDBK Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2007  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ah, cool man. Good idea as well.
KatWylder Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2007   Digital Artist
Nice model, and some interesting fluff.

In regards to the autogun, though, I think I'll just keep my large pulse lasers. ;)
Guncannon Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2007
Nice mech and description, definitely a great job
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November 12, 2007
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