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Enforcer on Patrol by AceDarkfire Enforcer on Patrol by AceDarkfire
Fairly basic things going on here.

The Enforcer-class Frigate isn't 100% complete, but its pretty close. Mostly minor greeble work to round off the details.

As for the specifications with some information about its history, read below:
Record File Access Date: January 21, 2275

Enforcer-Class Frigate Specification:
Prototype Construction Date(s):
Keel laid May 2, 2153, Completed November 20, 2152.
Final Equipment Installation: November 25, 2152 - January 3, 2153
Final Component Installation: June 13, 2153
Shakedown Cruise: July 4, 2153

Naval Design Competition Participation: November 13, 2153.
Won Award for most Promising War Ship and winning production Contract of Unified Earth Federation Navy.
Contract has also been picked up by the Morian Sovereignty.
Pirate Kingdoms have paid for or stolen their own Enforcer-class Frigates.

Naval Commission Date: December 7, 2154

Length: 272.5 meters
Width: 153.3 meters
Height: 63.75 meters

Weight: 26,000 metric tons fully loaded, 23,250 metric tons empty
Engine(S): 10 Force-Pulse 99.5%(Max) Light Speed Engines, 1 Murray-Themis FTL Drive.

25x Dual Barrel Light Pulse Laser Turrets
4x Medium Particle Accelerator Cannon
2x Light Rail Cannon

Defense Equipment:
2x Electronic Counter Measure System
1x Electronic Counter-Counter Measure System
4x Shield Matrix Generators
1x Dime-4 Matter Deflection Unit

Sensor Systems:
Light/LASER Detection and Ranging (LIDAR)
Magnetic Detection and Ranging (MADAR)
Radio Detection and Ranging (RADAR)
Simple Multipurpose Sensor Suite (SMS)

35 Officers
125 Enlisted

Chassis and Class Information:
The Enforcer-class enjoys being a quickly produced War Ship, while still remaining a very

durable design, rivaling aircraft and surface vessels in wars past. Most ships able to leave under their own power after major engagements with those threatening human occupied space, are of the Enforcer-class, earning the Enforcer a near mythological status within the UEF Navy.

Though the firepower of the Enforcer is generally light going by weapon-to-weapon basis, it has the firepower that matches most Destroyers within the Navy, while remaining very fast and manoeuverable - what it can't take toe-to-toe, it can easily outflank and gain the advantage. Aside from fighter craft and dedicated reconaissance ships under STL speeds, the Enforcer class is the fastest vessel fielded by the Navy, and often considered a "Recon in Force" ship as well as a Blockade Runner.

Most combat takes place from roughly 200,000 kilometers and under, and with lack of torpedo and missile-based weapons, the Enforcer has the advantage. Torpedoes are dumb fire weapons, at any any range other than point blank, their travel time reduces their effects over long ranges. Missiles tend to run out of fuel at nearly 50,000 kilometers, and from there drift in straight lines, and missing their intended targets by hundreds of kilometers. A primarily energy based weapon loadout was chosen for the Enforcer, with the saved weight of going this route, the Enforcer was able to have its armor strength increased, which provides nearly as much protection as the shield matrix provides to the ship, allowing it to take abuse while shields are down and trying to make an escape, as well as save significant weight from lack of ammuniation to increase the number of engines for increased speed.

The Enforcer uses a uniquely modified Faster-than-Light Drive that gives it single jump capability greater than any other known starship. Most FTL Drives, even the largest mounted on Battleships, can only go an average maximum of 7.75-lightyears in 3 minutes, 41 seconds, the Enforcer is able to jump a max 11.25-lightyears in 6 minutes, 35 seconds. Standard FTL drives, in use for 25 years, accelerate ALL matter within their sphere of influence at the same rate, there is no turning someone to mush by hitting a bulkhead from the ship moving faster than what is inside. Spheres are typically attuned to their host ship by series of relays throughout the ship that ensure the sphere has the proper coverage of the ship, as well as 4 backup failsafes that save the spherical configuration, so even in the event of relay failure, the ship is able to jump into Transition Space and move all matter at the same rate. It isn't uncommon for War Ships to field fighters before going to Transition Space, as the sphere of influence on most ships will move fighters to FTL as well, even though they do not have FTL drives of their own.

The modifications done to the Enforcer's FTL Drive are being tuned into the rest of the current fleet, most ships with the Drive Tuning see roughly 10 to 12 percent increase in maximum jump distance, though some have gained upwards of 25 percent.

The Unified Earth Federation field 250 of the Enforcer-class Frigates, while the Morian Sovereignty fields only 35 out of their fleet of 50 ships.

The Morian Sovereignty is a Monarchical Society that has seceeded from the UEF but remains on friendly terms, often coming to the aid of the UEF when the UEF requests it. The Morien Sovereignty is a relatively poor Interstellar Empire, so it is no wonder that the quickly produced and moderate cost of the Enforcer has caught their interest, as it does not strain their economy when purchasing a new ship. Aside from the Enforcer-class that the Morian field, they field 2 Heavy Cruisers, 3 Light Cruisers and 5 Destroyers.
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MorituriMax Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2013
The greeble work you have is kind of boring.. too much of the same thing layered on just to have it.

Basic shape is neat, but those square roll-bars around the guns(?) make them look clunkier.  The little dual-turrets are neat.
AceDarkfire Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You assume too much that I just layered it just to have it.
MorituriMax Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2013
Didn't mean to assume in a negative way, I just used that expression as the closest thing I could think of to make myself clear.  It's your design, I wouldn't expect you to change it due to humble opinion.

Cheers! Will be interested to see it once it is done.
Desert-Chimera Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist

You gonna put some color on it?
TDBK Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Looks cool man. ;)
tonare Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
Very good modeling. I dont really like the square cage around the guns in the front, but thats just a little thing. Good work and cant wait to see this with some good lighting in a scene! :D
MegaMechZX Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2008
wow.. its coming out really great =D
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