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Rainmeter skin Harmattan transparent

By acecreamu
Mod of SplashTK's port of zagortenay333's Conky-Harmattan for rainmeter.
Transparent theme, which was absent at the SplashTK's skin.

Weather Code, Weather Unit, Maximum Download and Upload in \Skins\RainConky\settings\

Also, you can delete folders at the bottom by deleting text which below ; Files and folders ;


Wallpaper: [link]


I'll be very thankful to anyone who can help me shift three-days forecast for one day early, like in original conky.
© 2015 - 2021 acecreamu
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I cant acces my laptop??

I just click the lock?? Waht happen?

What is this number that i need to enter??

je ne peux pas le télécharger. Sa m'affiche fichier introuvable

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Very nice skin but maybe fail with East south asia.I added weather code but not working

can we get a battery and wifi

simple and great ty

Thanks for share your beatiful work

Congratulations is a good design, thanks for share with us

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Excelent skin.

Please, How can I do to put the title 'Harmattan' and subtitle 'transparent' vertically as in the image? If it's just part of the design, do you know of any skin that does it?



Surprenant de lire ce mot harmattan chez un non ouest africain. Super skin btw.

Weather dont work for me can you fix that ?

Doesn't work for me as well..

Great and clean weather skin, too bad this happened... :cries:

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Something happened on the weather API yesterday so the weather part isn't displaying properly anymore. If I use the wxdata link it will show a page that says

"This service is deprecated as of 01/15/2020"

Soo anyone has figured a workaround for this?

Thanks that fixed it for me

Very nice indeed, many thanks, the only thing I don`t like, is that the CPU load climbs up to 20% with this skin.

There seems to be a lot of information that is not filling in for this skin. I've managed to get the weather working by doing what the comments below have advised, but the little weather icon on the top left doesn't seem to want to work. Any any ideas?

(In caveman code please, if possible. I'm an idiot)

Edit: I got it running but the weather is displaying the wrong temperatures. It's 50 degrees here, the skin is saying that it's 6 degrees- just where the heck is it pulling data from?

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