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Rainmeter skin Harmattan transparent

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Published: October 10, 2015
© 2015 - 2020 acecreamu
Mod of SplashTK's port of zagortenay333's Conky-Harmattan for rainmeter.
Transparent theme, which was absent at the SplashTK's skin.

Weather Code, Weather Unit, Maximum Download and Upload in \Skins\RainConky\settings\

Also, you can delete folders at the bottom by deleting text which below ; Files and folders ;


Wallpaper: [link]


I'll be very thankful to anyone who can help me shift three-days forecast for one day early, like in original conky.
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qatlaneNew Deviant

Surprenant de lire ce mot harmattan chez un non ouest africain. Super skin btw.

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Weather dont work for me can you fix that ?

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Doesn't work for me as well..

Great and clean weather skin, too bad this happened... :cries:

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Something happened on the weather API yesterday so the weather part isn't displaying properly anymore. If I use the wxdata link it will show a page that says

"This service is deprecated as of 01/15/2020"

Soo anyone has figured a workaround for this?

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Thanks that fixed it for me

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Very nice indeed, many thanks, the only thing I don`t like, is that the CPU load climbs up to 20% with this skin.

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There seems to be a lot of information that is not filling in for this skin. I've managed to get the weather working by doing what the comments below have advised, but the little weather icon on the top left doesn't seem to want to work. Any any ideas?

(In caveman code please, if possible. I'm an idiot)

Edit: I got it running but the weather is displaying the wrong temperatures. It's 50 degrees here, the skin is saying that it's 6 degrees- just where the heck is it pulling data from?

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The weather part does not work for me. It seems the API xml has been replaced with a paid IBM API. I'll try and use the OpenWeatherMap API or something...

Anyone else have this bug?*&unit=m&dayf=6

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Replace in URL with
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I Enter this shit link and return this msg[StateWeatherCode]

This service is deprecated as of 01/15/2020

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The free and open version of the API service wxdata that is used in many if not most weather skins in Rainmeter is currently, and probably permanently, down.

You have to choose another weather skin that does not use wxdata as the source
Click on my avatar to see other skins for the weather.
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It seems to work! Thank you so much, I was considering developing my own, but my time is on a budget these days...

Thanks! :)

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thank for a good looking skin.

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Awesome, I really liked the simplicity and cleanliness of it.

Can I suggest adding CPU load+temp, Per core temp, GPU load+temps

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I'm just using the weather part, it's awesome! Is there a way to get this group a bit smaller? Like the whole weather package, a bit smaller so it stays as a x-2 or x-3 times its original size. Thanks in advance!
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VerdactyliiHobbyist Digital Artist
this is really clean thx
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It seems like there is a problem with the downspeed and upspeed masure. Downlod speed seems kinda maxed to 26.2 MB/s .. I do actually have a faster internet connection. Any ideas how to fix this?
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If you want to change the weather code find the Variables.ini text file in Harmattan's file in the rainmeter skins directory
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How do I change the font color to black?
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The download button ain't working.
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