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Deep Purple Cursor Set

Deep Purple
Coloured/ part animated mouse cursor set for windows (using .cur and .ani files)

Designed by me using Realworld Cursor editor.

An installation file and instructions are included in the file download.

Thanks very much for taking a look at these, and even more if you take the time to download and try them out, comments are gladly appreciated, and constructive critique is always welcome ^^

18/08/2012 Integrity review- changed Text Select and Precision Select Cursors
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Can I get a .cure or .ani link to the Alternate Select Cursor?
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can i get a non animated version of this? Im now running xp instead of vista |:(
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I don't quite follow you. Windows XP can run animated cursors just fine.
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i didnt know that lol im stupid
Prof9917's avatar
i have RWC(realworld cursor editor) yet i cant make that
so cool
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Thanks very much ^^. Mainly this is a result of just practicing with realworld. I must have made over a hundred different cursor sets I just tossed away because they didn't really come up to scratch X3. In realworld, shadow effects are probably your best friend. The colour effect here is the result of a purple drop shadow and a black outline.
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Woah cool cursors
I love it !!
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Finally xD I've been looking for this one again
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*giggles* oh awesome ^^ hey turtle, I didn't know you watched this account X3
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NICE work! You've got serious stuff going on there, so keep it up! I can see that you put a lot of work into this set!

I'd suggest, if you don't mind - the "busy" cursor is great, but if you could make the flashing alternate each other, it might make the effect more dazzling. Just sayin'.

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Yet again text and precision.

That's all for now ;P
You have some really nice concepts. I hope to see more from you!
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