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The Walking Dead: Glenn Rhee

Posting art yesterday made me kinda miss being active. So today I decided to push through the anxiety of doing digital art to bring you this piece, featuring Glenn from my current love (yes I'm always late to the party lmao) The Walking Dead.

Drawing, especially digitally, still brings me great physical pain. This was a challenge and I'm super sore and beat up now haha. I suppose I also wanted to prove to myself that even through the pain I can still draw. I don't want my talent to stagnate or get rusty :C But I also don't want to hurt - so that's where the fear of drawing lately has come from. I'll muddle through though, I'm a tough cookie, and maybe I can bring you more pieces of art like this from time to time :3

Texture Stock © aqueous-sun-textures found here: Untitled Texture 375
Art by me, Ace-Zaslavsky
Glenn and The Walking Dead © AMC and Robert Kirkman
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© 2016 - 2021 Ace-Zaslavsky
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GLENN AWW. He's one of my favorites, second only to Daryl (yeah I'm basic like that I guess XD). I only got to like...third season?? Maybe?? with this show? I'll watch the rest someday. XD But he's adorable in your style and I want to give him a shower and a hug.

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I love this style!
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also im crying because all the suggested art in the side bar is my little pony 
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Zombies and gore, My Little Pony - same difference! *cries with you*
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If you haven't seen the show Peaky Blinders yet, you need to watch it - there's another show to get addicted to :DDD 
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Tbh I really only drew it for the blood <3

I've never heard of it but when I googled, it had me at "A gangster drama-" X3 I'll have to check it out!
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Only watched the first episode of TWD. Just never caught my attention well. XD BUT I got to say that it's some awesome art you made there ;D
And you should get extra credit for doing it while in such pain too! But please promise you won't push yourself too hard though. You might be a tough cookie, but sometimes you shouldn't work against your body too much. ;D
Still... It's lovely to see you around. I can't deny that. ^^
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