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Diana 6

JLA steps in. Note Filipina heroine Darna is among JLA.
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i do not understand, did she defeated and broke kratos or what?

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C`mon Kratos,wake up!
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darna yun ahhhh galing
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darna yun ahhhhhhhh galing
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Awesome sequence! though I have to say IMO Kratos would own WW. Having single handedly killed most of the gods and a few titans. Even with her new found powers Kratos is an experienced god killer haha. Awesome stuff.
kcireseyer's avatar
nice to see a filipino heroine in your art, I wish you add Capt Barbell, another filipino super hero :D:D:D:D
DevWatcher1452's avatar
Great stuff, the dp spread featuring Kratos' entrance and his subsequent take-down is top notch.
Ace-Continuado's avatar
Thank you very much! I had a lot of fun drawing it.
toby4700's avatar
Just went throug all six comics, artistically, their great, but I find it hard to believe that Wonder Woman, or indeed anyone, could just side step and curbstomp Kratos like this.
Ace-Continuado's avatar
Just having a little fun. I'm a big fan of God of War games myself.
kluangdude's avatar
awesome... i wonder is Diana is gonna take the lot of them??? :D
Ace-Continuado's avatar
She probably would fight to the death.
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theres just one problem about having wonder woman fight all of the justice league, and Darna. she is good allaies with much of the league, unclear as of Darna. i would be willing to beleave that the league is intervening because the world has seen wonder woman kill before and her friends don't want to see her do that again, that and if Darna is joining the justice league Kratos has just as good a chance.
Ace-Continuado's avatar
You have a real good point. I never really thought about it that way. Very cool of you to point that out. Thanks.
EvilUnicorn's avatar
JLA.. in Olympus.. whoa.. and is that Darna there? :P.. I see she's got the invite to JLA as well! :) :)
Great shading and expressions.. very gritty and tough.. just the way I like to see it. Expresses the mood nicely
Ace-Continuado's avatar
Neatness is not one of my traits. Wait a few days for The Kratos Crotch Shot. Coming soon! Thanks!
EvilUnicorn's avatar
lol.. could come from anyone.. but Kratos just seemed in prime position for that.

Neatness is overrated ;)
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