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This is the result of me wandering downstairs when my brother was watching Matrix Reloaded. I watched a bit, and when this scene came up I couldn't help imagining it with FMA characters. I then left shortly after so I wouldn't get any more ideas. >_> The scene is right after Merovingian has refused to let them see the Keymaker, and his wife offers her assistance...

Not the greatest quality art, but eh, I just wanted to get it all down. Also, I *did* alter the dialogue a little bit to be more in character, but it's still pretty close.

Frame by frame commentary-
1: eh, not quite badart, but not that good, either...
2: I. can't. draw. Lust. >_<
3: I the only one who thinks Roy looks like Gendo here?
4: evil dialogue panel of doom
5: hehe... Armstrong/Morpheus' coat is annoying to try to shade
6: evil dialogue panel of doom take 2
7: horrible, but I'm not exactly used to draw kissing scenes... >_>
8: Lust actually looks halfway decent here...
9: I like drawing Roy's eyes... the fingers look weird though


Just for fun, here's the original script for the scene, found here: [link]
Persephone: [...] A long time ago, when we first came here, it was so different. He was so different. He was like you. I'll give you what you want. But you have to give me something.
Neo: What?
Persephone: A kiss.
Trinity: Excuse me?
Persephone: I want you to kiss me as if you were kissing her.
Neo: Why?
Persephone: You love her. She loves you. It's all over you both. A long time ago, I knew what that felt like. I want to remember it. I want to sample it. That's all, just a sample.
Trinity: Why don't you sample this instead?
Morpheus: Trinity.
Persephone: Such emotion over something so small. It's just a kiss.
Neo: Why should we trust you?
Persephone: If I don't deliver you to the Keymaker, she can kill me.
Neo: All right.
Persephone: But you have to make me believe I am her.
Neo: All right.
Persephone: Terrible. Forget it.
Neo: Wait. Okay.
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Again, very nice. ^_^ Notes on this page:

* Roy's eye behind the sunglasses looks great... it's a very nicely done effect. ^_^

* Lust's pose in panel 4 is very good, also. Looks appropriate to her character, while fitting with the one she's replacing.

* The "..." panel is great, in expressions and body language, they just communicate the sense of "..." very well.

* Last panel is also very good. And nice fingers. ^_^

Other notes:
*For the profile face in Panel 2... it's a shape I can't describe, sorry, but get me to show it to you. It's a rough shape and not especially anatomically proper, but as a guide to getting to that point, it works well. Also very good for anime/manga style art. Used it in sculpting, even. ^^

*I sense you like hands about as much as I do. ^^;
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Hehe, I still say that one panel of Roy makes me think of Gendo, though... And of course Lust's pose fits her character, if they all didn't fit the Matrix characters' roles I wouldn't've gotten the idea stuck in my head in the first place. ^^;

I honestly just gave up on the faces (especially Lust's) after a certain point, really. The aim was just to show the scene with FMA characters in place of Matrix ones, not be a high-quality manga or something... >_>