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This is the result of me wandering downstairs when my brother was watching Matrix Reloaded. I watched a bit, and when this scene came up I couldn't help imagining it with FMA characters. I then left shortly after so I wouldn't get any more ideas. >_> The scene is right after Merovingian has refused to let them see the Keymaker, and his wife offers her assistance...

Not the greatest quality art, but eh, I just wanted to get it all down. Also, I *did* alter the dialogue a little bit to be more in character, but it's still pretty close.

Frame by frame commentary-
1: ...they're in an elevator
2: I didn't know how to draw Persephone's dress, so I Googled it, and the images had a nice pose so I copied it >_>
3: more badart
4: yes, that *is* Russel getting chased out =P
5: Lust's face looks funky o_O


Just for fun, here's the original script for the scene, found here: [link]
Persephone: If you want the Keymaker, follow me. [to man in washroom] Get out! I'm so sick of his bullshit. On and on, pompous prick. [...]
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:is talking to your curly brunette char: How DARE you call Edo a pompous prick you little ***********!!!:is now talking to artist: you hate edo? or she hates edo? riza should have kicked her butt right there. that's HER man.
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So... commenting just for page 1 here. ^_^ I like it! Details:

*Lust looks very good, in the first shot of her there. Persephone's outfit is a good look for her, and while you may have "copied" the pose and outfit, it still looks very much like Lust, rather than Lust trying to be Persephone.

*Armstrong as Morpheus... :D

*Roy and Riza make a great Neo and Trinity

*Poor Fletcher

Other things...
*Maybe a little background on the first panel, to make it clear where they are? It's a little hard to tell it's an elevator, aside from the *ding* ^^
*Lust's face does look a little bit off... maybe a bit more contour outward? (I'd have to look it up to be sure, but I believe one of my books mentions using the shape of the letter shi (which will be scrambled if I try to just type it) as a guide for faces at a 3/4 angle.)
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Er, that's Russel, not Fletcher. Fletcher is the younger one. ^^;
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..Bah. >.< Unlike you I'm better well rested. ^^;