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Bill Black's FIRST micro-budget animated adventure for mature audiences only is available now at! This ain't no kid's cartoon!  

Starring the popular AC Comics Golden Age superheroine Yankee Girl (voiced by fan-favorite actress Nicola Rae)! The fiendish villain known as The Panda has unleashed a menacing semi-naked giantess upon a helpless city. Civilians scatter and the body count rises as the titillating, titanic terror crushes and stomps her way through downtown in a violent rampage. Soon the U.S Military arrives in a desperate attempt to keep the giant woman at bay. Just as all seems lost, Yankee Girl arrives on the scene!!!  But will her awesome powers be enough to put an end to the menace of The Colossal Cossack? Or will our heroine be stomped into oblivion? Featuring the astonishing talents of Team Paragon, the new animation division of Smarty Pants Entertainment! Visual FX and Sound FX by JohnJG! Vocal Performances by Nicola Rae and Pierce Knightley! Based on a story originally written and illustrated by Bill Black! Don't miss it!

Our first animated epic is pure action from start to finish with TONS of good stuff packed into every animated frame and some of the most amazing visuals we have ever produced! We've got a giantess in our superheroine movie! We've got a superheroine in our giantess movie! This one's got it all! There's something here for ALL of our fans in what we hope to be the first of many animated adventures! Watch it now! Then be sure to tell us what you think...and what you want to see next!

Check it out at
zenx007 Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2011
I LOVE it!:clap:
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March 15, 2011


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