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hi! my name is rowan. i'm a nonbinary lesbian artist from california. i collect ceramic cats

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splendidland, gatto catboypower

Probably a farewell...

Probably a farewell...

i've been trying to get used to eclipse for a while, but it's so inaccessible to me that i can't browse through journals, deviations, etc with the same ease as before. whether this is because eclipse isn't optimized for accessibility or because i'm just not used to it, it doesn't really make a difference - it's severely impacted my ability to communicate with this site. so! i'm leaving. it's hard to say goodbye, as i've been here for like, a whole decade... but the only way i'll be coming back is if eclipse gets better, or more accessible. i'll probably still pop in from time to time, just to make sure no one's missing me... but i'm definitely lowering my usage of the site (ideally to minimum or none). take care everyone! twitter: https://twitter.com/lainiwakuras tumblr: https://lainsbian.tumblr.com / https://wolfpal.tumblr.com/ artfight: https://artfight.net/~lain artrise: (tba) discord: rowan#7961
im so sad that i feel like i cant connect with the site like i used to due to the updated layout...

on eclipse

on eclipse

edited to add: 1. it took me so long just to find my journal to edit it again, because it wasnt intuitive to me to look at 'posts' (which could mean art, status, journal... comments.. i don't even know...) instead of looking for a 'journal' tab. 2. i literally hate how hard it is to find a place to submit feedback. you'd think they'd have a more readily available feedback page. like. put it somewhere in the hotbar. i don't care. anything is better than scouring the help center for tiny text that says 'oh if you wanna put feedback put it here'. anyway i'm a little salty now at how inaccessible this site is lol... original text: i feel like this site, after the eclipse update, has really lost my interest. i'm tired of having to click around just to find what used to be easy to get to.... as tough as it is to admit it, this isn't really home now... i'm not going to make it purely about the staff or their decisions on the design of the site, but i just can't interface with it the


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Your style is really cute!! I love it.

thank you so much !! i like yours as well!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!