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AE Chapter 2: Page 27


Maybe at some point I'll have to show that middle panel without speech bubbles; I was really fond of how it came out. :'3

Anyway, going to get back to weekend-scheduling here. This chapter is VERY close to wrapping up!

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I'm new! I read AE all in one go.

You are pretty good: as artist and also as story teller! I Hope you'll continue this fantastic web comic!

Sorry for my english....i'm Italian

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Aaaa, hello! :'3 Thank you very much and welcome aboard! I'm so glad you've enjoyed it so far! :hug:

And your english is fine, as far as I can see! Don't worry ^_^

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Ooo yes I’d love to see it too, it looks gorgeous :0

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Oh oh, I see a little someone thinking this is a green light to do something shenanighans.

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Wonderful as always, ‘Koiya!

Hmm… that bright green star is looking kinda sus

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Thank you so much :aww:

(Narrows eyes and peers at star) >_>

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Off to a strong start this year!

I do not like how you are giving the chief more screen time and giving him more character as a whole. Now, besides making the situation iffy for Parch, you are also making the future chief-steak all the more sad. Y u do dis!?

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Yaaay, thanks! :la:

Yeah, Smoulder didn't even have a single line in the old version. :XD: I had to do SOMEthing more with him! And I'm afraid manipulating your Feels is my job, sorry... I'm beginning to realize I've always been the villain of every story I've ever told! >:}D

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Oh yeah, you are one villainous thing... So much so that you have decided like the old version was not enough, so you came back, re-did it better and much more fleshed out so it would hurt that much extra.

How could you.

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I don't like that blindingly green star.

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My heart got all tingly- I love the close up of Parch

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Awww, he's so nice and kind! But... I think we all know what will going to happen...

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*internal screaming of anticipation*

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I love this comic so much - I've been following it silently for years :3 Just wanted to drop by an gush over your expressions - I love themmmmm

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Aaaaa, hello, thank you very much! :'3 I appreciate the silent folks, but it's still always nice when they find something to say! Thanks so much :heart:

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Of course!! It's been amazing to see the comic and your art style grow over the years - I remember following it in the very early days when it was still Spyro-centric hehe

I can't wait to see more!

What I can say he is nice and wise. I bet there was no doubt why the previous chief chose him as the chief right now (tho he's gonna retired soon)

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:D I love this leader guy aaaaaa he's so chill yes

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And then, of course, Parch is going to inadvertently “prove” that that rule was right…

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i like this guy

i like this guy a lot

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