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AE Chapter 2: Page 25


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Chapter 2, page 24
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Going to update twice more this year, once today and then again on Wednesday. That'll leave just a few pages for January before the chapter is done. It would have been cool to have it all out before the year ended, but at least it came close. :'P

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Zukerstal's avatar

Your comic always fills me with so much wonder and excitement for what's to come next! I don't know what it is about your storytelling but I love it so much!

Accidental-Elemental's avatar

I wish I could "heart" this comment multiple times. :aww: It's so nice to hear that, thanks so much! :heart:

Zukerstal's avatar

Tysm for sharing this world with us! <3

MrGheesfellow's avatar

Translation: The new chief will be an arrogant traditionalist and the main source of conflict on the Felsic front.

zhidkovv's avatar

Flyt's scared expression is what I live for apparently.

Also, I always found it interesting how back in the day "sire" was a way to respectfully address a male. Sire means father and all, ergo all males were addressed as such. Why? We may never know.

Accidental-Elemental's avatar

It's those big ol' shiny eyes, probably :lol:

Indeed, we may never know! :XD: Language can be weird =P

AbNom's avatar

Why is it the good leaders end up getting replaced with someone strict or self-important instead of someone even better?

Accidental-Elemental's avatar

Because stories need conflict? :'D

VedranR's avatar

I have no word of how sweet this page feels!

I can't help it but feel in Flytfrie's shoes,to be amazed at the sight of the dragons and be the subject of amazment to the same dragons.

I imagine that it is quite an exciting day to be riding on the back of the one dragon you befriended and then get introduced to the few more individuals,the chief even,out of the entire tribe.

Intense,LOL XD

Accidental-Elemental's avatar

Awwww. :aww:

Yeah, plus it must be intimidating just how HUGE they all are from her viewpoint, too! =P

VedranR's avatar

Yeah. :D

They are like the giant creatures of might,magic,majestic and wonder,but when interacting with her,they seem like the gentle giants to her. :D

TheTruePsychopath's avatar

I want to rub her little snoot.

Accidental-Elemental's avatar

I don't blame you, haha :love:

NikaryFlare's avatar

Ah, so he did notice. It was a bit weird when he seemed not to.

Autumnvicky's avatar

I am going to be so SO SAD if this old man dies. He's so kind!

MisteryMaster56's avatar

Your consistency on keeping Fryfrie the same has improved...

Although I start seeing inconsistencies in the size of Parch‘s backspikes at the cost of that.

Accidental-Elemental's avatar

Darn it. The consistency of something has to suffer, apparently! :XD:

MisteryMaster56's avatar

*Me who downloaded a program that allows pixel-measurements.*

Yea you can TOTALLY see it on first glance. It’s not as if I’m actively looking for them or something…


Accidental-Elemental's avatar

Poking holes on purpose, I see how you are. :XD:

TheTruePsychopath's avatar
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