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AE Chapter 2: Page 24


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Chapter 2, page 23
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Updating today, but might not update on the weekend because Holiday. :'P (Hope everyone enjoys their festivities, whatever they may be!)

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EeveesAndDragons's avatar

Could Flytfrie glide with a moth like a cuckoo in The Legend of Zelda?

Accidental-Elemental's avatar

....I'm not sure but I absolutely love that image, aaaaa

And then she gets rewarded with a teeny-tiny thimble-size bottle from the faery-lady who is always losing moths out of her moth-pen :la:

EeveesAndDragons's avatar

That’s hilarious XD

NomexGlove's avatar

That first panel in this one I think ranks right up there in the top 5 of greatest scenes. The glee of Parch and Flytfrie combined with the look of her sitting on his snout, his very well detailed eyes behind her, and the equally amazing bugs dancing around Flytfrie all just add up to a very memorable image in my book. Awesome!

Hope you had a Merry Christmas!

Accidental-Elemental's avatar

Aaaaa, I'm glad you think so, I was really fond of that scene myself. :aww: I love bugs and that scene can make me imagine being as small as Flytfrie and being able to pet a fuzzy moth like a kitty :love:

I hope you did too! :hug:

CreatureInTheClouds's avatar

Love how you've portrayed Smoulder's age and frailty in the 6th panel and without excessive use of wrinkles (it does bother me seeing wrinkles on TLoS dragons, wrinkles on a typical reptilian dragon just looks...weird to me). I would have made that bubble and text where Parch tells Flyt who Smoulder is considerably smaller - right now it's giving me the impression that he's saying it at normal volume/still loud enough for an old dragon like Smoulder to hear. He should be whispering it - don't want to give the impression to Smoulder that Parch likes talking to himself. XD

Accidental-Elemental's avatar

Well, I had to use SOME wrinkles. =P I'm glad you think they weren't excessive though?

About Parch's speech bubble, I kind of did want to make it smaller, but I was worried about it becoming un-readable if I made it too small. ^^; He IS meant to be whispering though!

CreatureInTheClouds's avatar

Another thing some artists do is make the text paler/more transparent to indicate softer speaking. Maybe try that?

Autumnvicky's avatar

Awwww, he seems so nice...

TheTruePsychopath's avatar

Wh-which one is the moth and which is the fairy? They're both smol and floofy!

Accidental-Elemental's avatar

(Pets them all just to be on the safe side) :aww: :D

Sailoa's avatar

Is the chier the kind of old man that it feels like whenever they even move an inch it looks like their gonna brake a bone

Accidental-Elemental's avatar

Oh goodness... I mean, he might be a little arthritic in places, but I don't think he's quite THAT bad?? :XD:

NikaryFlare's avatar

That said, it was really nice to see Parch and Flyt enjoying themselves until Smoulder came around and Flyt had to hide.

NikaryFlare's avatar

I just have this... feeling... of dread...

VedranR's avatar

Another beautiful page that just does its magical artistic spell wonderfully! :D

The first,sixth and the last panel are really gorgeous and heartwarming with warm colors and emotions! :love:

I really love Parch's face in the last panel.He is just one handsome young dragon! :heart:

Accidental-Elemental's avatar

Aaaaaw, this is such a nice comment, thanks so much. :aww: And I'm sure Parch is flattered you have called him handsome! :D

VedranR's avatar

:DHandsome Parch! :D:heart:

MisteryMaster56's avatar
Accidental-Elemental's avatar

Just a figure of speech, haha :meow:

MisteryMaster56's avatar

Hmmm… really? Allow me to take a closer look… :sherlock:

NexTyphoon's avatar

Foreshadowing, ooohhh

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