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AE Chapter 2: Page 23


.... oWo

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Sarokophoenix's avatar

Ooohhh. I remember this...

You're gonna make us hurt aren't ya?

EeveesAndDragons's avatar

I don‘t think the accident will happen just yet. There’s no fire buildup

Jedder77's avatar

Aw, such a hard time to be a Felsic chief.

Accidental-Elemental's avatar

The Mafic ones probably feel the same way, ha =P

Jedder77's avatar

Oh wow, I bet.

EtherealHunhaar's avatar

Oh no, I think we all know where this is going...

InkyCorvid's avatar
zhidkovv's avatar

We finally meet the steak! I mean, the chief.

Also, beware of what you are asking for... Or it might come true. Next thing he needs to ask is for a good sauce to be served alongside with, haha!

Accidental-Elemental's avatar

People who remember the old comic just, being so mean to this poor guy. :XD:

zhidkovv's avatar

It's a meme at this point, haha! But at the same time, you are the main person to blame for all the jokes, so... Next time, maybe you should not leave off at the unsolicited mass BBQ?

I also think he is one of the most popular characters in the comic as of right now. Everyone was awaiting his reveal!

Devinital's avatar

So the rice really isn't doing all that well. Parch said so but confirmation via other characters helps in that regards.

MrGheesfellow's avatar

If an ocean boiling under an arcane firestorm counts as turning of tides, the next generation is way ahead of him.

NexTyphoon's avatar

This man's 'bout to get toasty-fried

TheTruePsychopath's avatar

A wrinkly old dragon.

I shall call him...GRUNDLE!

Accidental-Elemental's avatar

Haha! You can call him that, he just might not answer! =P

MisteryMaster56's avatar

A reference I don’t get?

TheTruePsychopath's avatar

No references. Just doing a ha ha.

NikaryFlare's avatar

Well, this wasn’t who I feared to see here, but probably even worse.

Also: why, hello there, future magic BBQ.

Accidental-Elemental's avatar

I wonder who you DID fear to see. =P

And OMG ^^;

NikaryFlare's avatar

Well, we only saw a vague dark silhouette, and Swelter kinda has similar horns… ^^;

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