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AE Chapter 2: Page 21


Uh... Bechdel Test obliterated?? Yay?? xD

Also two updates in one week, what is this madness?? (.. ...It's madness I wish I could do EVERY week, haaaaaaa :'D )

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oogaboogaz's avatar

Am I the only one filled with anxiety every time I see Flyt? Like, she could get randomly eaten or stepped on one day? 😫

Accidental-Elemental's avatar

Aww, sweet of you to worry about her! :'3

EeveesAndDragons's avatar

Good thing she had a cloak on, huh?

Accidental-Elemental's avatar
marinus18's avatar

I don't entirely understand.

I mean why would seeing him not be an issue but seeing his wings would?

Accidental-Elemental's avatar

It's more an issue that, in order for Flyt to explain her wings/lack thereof, she'd have to tattle on Parch for going to the Mainland, which is forbidden for him. Because obviously she couldn't have flown herself if she has no wings. :'3 (Plus Parch asked her not to talk about Magic in general just to be on the safe side, and Faery wings are made of Magic. xP )

Lichensong's avatar

Though she could still have a tree bark and boat herself through the waters on it! xD

zhidkovv's avatar

Both Tinder and Flyt are so adorable on this page!

I feel like Tinder will steal Flyt and keep her forever, haha!

Accidental-Elemental's avatar

Aaaa, I'm glad you find them adorable :hug:

And I think Tinder's thinking about doing that, haha! xD (Or at least she doesn't mind the notion :D)

Jedder77's avatar

XD Poor Flytfrie.

Accidental-Elemental's avatar

That's what she gets for being all cute and tiny! ;)

NikaryFlare's avatar

I mean, saying that faeries don't have wings anymore couldn't have been that harmful... could it?

NikaryFlare's avatar

Oh wait. Then she'd have to explain how did she travel across the water, wouldn't she?

Accidental-Elemental's avatar

Hehe, yes... Flyt would have to bust Parch for going to the very-forbidden Mainland. :'P

MisteryMaster56's avatar

Hypotheseis: It won’t. (and that’s a fact.)

Accidental-Elemental's avatar

So optimistic, there! :'D

MisteryMaster56's avatar

I am optimistic, but I’m not naive. Let’s face it, we all know that this won’t end well.

Devinital's avatar

Parch: "Maybe it will be fine after all."

Me glancing nervously at the old version of the comic: "Uh huh. sure bud. you keep convincing yourself of that."

Accidental-Elemental's avatar

I had a feeling people were going to be casting doubt upon Parch's last statement, there. :'D

Devinital's avatar
The-Purgatory-City's avatar

Pfft, she really does talk like everyone's grandma. XD

Accidental-Elemental's avatar

Looooool! :XD: You mean Tinder, I'm supposing? =P

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