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United States
A lot of the people I know or see are on this site, so I figured it was about time.
On here, you'll find some of my pictures from over the years. Probably not a whole lot at first.

I'm probably best described as a "casual" photographer, I don't take it too seriously and I try not to obsess over things to much. I try to keep a balance of everything I do in life.

My focus as of late has been fan-based stuff, Vocaloid, Utauloid, Touhou, etc. Honestly that's what I find the most interesting. I love the music, not all of it but a good portion of it.

I go to a lot of cons in the local area, but not entirely for photography. I might spend 30-50% of my time at a con taking photos. And honestly most of the best photos are taken at gatherings, which I try to go to as often as I can.

You can find just about all my cosplay photos since around 2009 or so on, and some of the ones prior to that on flickr. I post just about all the videos I take to youtube, though only with minor editing as I don't have the time and tools to do any real video production.
People from a local club were asking for me to put a quick 'how to' example up.…

Warning:  This photo was taken at the Zombie Walk during comic-con.  If you are squeamish, you have been warned, it has blood and stuff like that. 

Most of my photos use little to no postprocessing beyond Lightroom.  Postprocessing is never an end unto itself, it should be used to enhance the mood, feel, or subject matter of a photo.  Use a light touch, don't overdo it. 

Personally, I'm not a fan of photoshop.  It costs a lot of money, even the 'student edition' is expensive these days, and it has a high learning curve.  I know you can do amazing things in photoshop, and it is the de-facto standard.  But it takes a lot of time, and since CS1, I just haven't found it very intuitive or user-friendly.  I still use Adobe products, Lightroom is an Adobe product that I really like (since V4). 

"Grunge" (Dirty) is a common type of processing used for macabre things like horror scenes or zombie movies.  It tends to emphasize 'strong' or 'bad' lighting, contrast and detail to the max, and works well with blood, dirt, etc.  It generally goes against the standard conventions of portraiture or positive portrayal of a subject.


1) Shoot with the type of postprocessing in mind.  Don't be afraid to do things you wouldn't normally wouldn't do.  For instance, this photo would not be very good for common use.  The side-lighting makes the face too dark and the backround is too bright and mostly blown out.  But for grunge, this is fine, or even encouraged.  The reason I chose this photo was the character's stance or posing.

2) Come out of lightroom (and go into postprocessing) with the best histogram for maximum image fidelity.  What this means is, for instance, if you want to make an image darker, don't make it darker in lightroom because you will lose image fidelity that way.  Bring it out of lightroom at a normal level and then decrease the brightness in filtering as the final step.  This way you can maximize your color and tonal detail.

3) I learned this type of processing years ago after doing a HotD photoshoot inside a parking garage.  I purchased the Topaz Labs filters at an anime expo a couple of years before that after seeing a demonstration in the dealer's hall.  Topaz Labs aren't the best filters out there, but for the money they are pretty good, and they come with a lot of useful presets.  I've also never had to pay them for an upgrade or anything like that, each new version has come for free.

4) This is just an example.  I'm not a post expert nor do I spend a lot of time with post.  In general, if you can achieve it within the photo itself, it takes much less time and effort.  The type of post I do, "global postprocessing" where the whole image is affected, is mostly designed around my own needs -- I do a lot of things to minimize time usage and get photos out as soon as possible. 


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NatureRaven Featured By Owner May 4, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Thank you for joining the RFP Group!
reikkou89 Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2012
hello, I cosplay Mario at the easter gathering.
was wondering may I have your permission to post the photos of my cosplay in my DeviantART?
I will give you entirely credit for the images.

have a good day.
AccessAccess Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2012
Please do, it's always fine.
reikkou89 Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2012
how may I credit you?
AccessAccess Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2012
Anything is fine just link back to this site or whatever.
reikkou89 Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2012
Thank you.
LesbianPrince Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2011
Welcome to DA and nice pictures.
Aviatre Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2011
Lovely photos :D
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