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:iconaccepted-art: or Accepted-Art.

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Pixel: Blue Stary by apparateHello!! Pixel: Blue Stary by apparate

Blue Circle Bullet by Gasara Im happy to see some new and returning faces that will be with us in 2019! It has been a good year in 2018. Our membership grew a bit more and we got alot more diversity when it comes to art! That's great!  But without further ado, I need to make this announcement.

Pixel: Blue Stary by apparate Pixel: Blue Stary by apparateSUBMISSION LIMIT HAS BEEN FIXED!! Pixel: Blue Stary by apparate Pixel: Blue Stary by apparate

Blue Circle Bullet by Gasara At least that is what i am lead to believe. I think i worked out what was wrong with the submission limit and now it should work just fine. As you know, we have been having some problems with submission limits with both the members and the system that is supposed to limit them. But now that shouldn't be a problem anymore! Ill keep my eye out to make sure everything is working properly.

Pixel: Blue Stary by apparateHappy Late New Years Pixel: Blue Stary by apparate

Blue Circle Bullet by Gasara This is around 14 or 15 days late depending on where you are in the world. But Happy New years! I've been busy for the holidays with getting a new job etc etc. Lots of things to get settled down with. But now that it is settled, I am able to make this journal for you guys!! With the new year, it brings
New Opportunities
New Art
but also New Issues.

Pixel: Blue Stary by apparateA New Strike System Pixel: Blue Stary by apparate

Blue Circle Bullet by Gasara Hey everyone! While I rather not do this, It seems that.. lately there have been some members submitting art that goes against our rules. While it has a lenient system where I tell members where things go or dont, it seems that the message isnt getting across. Therefore, There will be a new strike system.

Pixel: Blue Stary by apparateCommon Questions Pixel: Blue Stary by apparate
Blue Circle Bullet by Gasara What does this mean for me? Blue Circle Bullet by Gasara
   A: If you have been submitting to the right folders and following the rules. You literally dont need to worry about anything!

Blue Circle Bullet by Gasara How do I get a strike? Blue Circle Bullet by Gasara
  A: Frankly, Its simple but that should mean that it is simple to avoid getting any strikes with the resources given to you. You have many journals outlining rules, you can ask me questions through the group notes, and anything else that could provide you with the knowledge you need to make an informed decision. So back to the question on How do I get a strike: Your own negligence.

Blue Circle Bullet by Gasara What does the previous answer mean? Blue Circle Bullet by Gasara
A: I have said it before and I will say it again, The rules on what we do and do not accept are on the homepage, the journals and even on the monthly journals as well. They are everywhere yet I still get them. Heres how : 1. Submitting art that you don't know will be accepted, 2. Submitting art that you know won't get accepted, 3. Putting art in the wrong folders, 4. Resubmitting rejected art that goes against the rules, 5. personal conduct towards the group and its members, 6. Spamming

Blue Circle Bullet by Gasara Personally, Number 5 shouldn't be a problem for anyone. You all are very well mannered people. :)
Blue Circle Bullet by Gasara On number 3, I understand some mistakes, I state this on the homepage however sometimes its just evident. For example, Why would you put a fanart art piece you made in the digital art folder while there is a folder for fanart? Little things like this that becomes repetitive starts to become evident.

Blue Circle Bullet by Gasara I will be keeping note of submissions.

Blue Circle Bullet by GasaraHow many strikes do we get?
A: 3 in total.  the first will be your first warning, the second with be your last warning and the 3rd will result in a ban.

Blue Circle Bullet by Gasara Is there a way that I can erase my strikes? Blue Circle Bullet by Gasara
A: As of now no, but im thinking of something that could perhaps be implemented.

Blue Circle Bullet by Gasara So we don't have any strikes against us right now? Blue Circle Bullet by Gasara
A: For the sake to have everyone have an equal opportunity, Yes. Everyone has a clean slate. But that does not mean that any past error will be forgotten. It will still be written down for future reference.

Bottom line is: Just ask before submitting if you need to know. Easiest way.

Pixel: Blue Stary by apparateVery Briefly Pixel: Blue Stary by apparate

I want to make 1 thing clear, I can comment on why something was decline or if cannot be accepted. However that is a service. If your unsure read the homepage or the journals. I won't repeat myself in certain situations.

Pixel: Blue Stary by apparateChanges to the homepage Pixel: Blue Stary by apparate

Blue Circle Bullet by Gasara I will be editing the homepage once again to get more into a wintry feel. While i am doing that, i will be changing some of the rules. Meaning i will be changing the wording and adding in the new system. So if it doesnt make sense in a bit, thats why.

Pixel: Blue Stary by apparate Real Talk Pixel: Blue Stary by apparate

Blue Circle Bullet by Gasara I didnt want to do a strike system but i feel that it makes people a bit more wary of where they submit items. And I really hope EVERYONE reads this. This is vital and new information that impacts everyone.

Blue Circle Bullet by Gasara I would like to know your opinions on this new system and how i could better it/ answer any more questions that may not have been answered. Im always looking for how to improve the group and make sure everything goes smoothly.  I wish you all the best to this new year tho! I hope to see your art this year as well!!

More Journal Entries

Visitor..You have stumbled upon us!!

Why Wait?! Consider becoming a part of a community of talented artists!

We are:
Autumn Leaf (FTU) by Moonlight-pendent13 A Community-Based Group
Autumn Leaf (FTU) by Moonlight-pendent13 An Art-Based Group
Plus :
Autumn Leaf (FTU) by Moonlight-pendent13 The members are great.

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Feel free to make fan-art of him and submit it into the folder that is made for fan-art of our mascot! Design and Mascot by Deneco(Me), Also There will be a chance to have your chance to create another group mascot!

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Accepted Art Welcomes You

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Look into our groups resources! We are here to help make your experince at Accepted Art a great one!

This is an ever changing group whose rules changes every now an then. Dont know if something has a rule on it? Message the group. Ask if you dont know. Thank you!
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Here at Accepted Art, it is our mission to become the place where artists not only display their art but also their voice.

Seed Plant Cup - Free avatar by Riut

Come and explore your artistic abilities by putting them through challenges! We encourage growth, stability, and forming a community. A Place where everyone is vocal about becoming friends while stimulating the group with new ideas.

Growth through challenges. That is our essence.
Becoming better through your own creations where you put yourself to the test is what we strive for.

Become Different, Become Unique.
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|| Exploring Accepted-Art||

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* by Kittyrocker Automatic Membership!

* by Kittyrocker Art isn't everything! Your voice matters! Reach out with ideas for contest or tutorials! Make your mark!

* by Kittyrocker Talk to the founder! (me) I can help with whatever problem you may have

|| Rules and Q & A's ||

|DECOR| Winter Scenery by Volatile--Designs ||

Our funds:

285 points (Thank you Supach for the latest donation!)
* by Kittyrocker Want to add to our fund pool? Donate to us through my page!

|| Core Rules of Accepted Art ||

|DECOR| Winter Scenery by Volatile--Designs

.:little bullet star:. by Chipi-Chiu All Art Is made by yourself, not an engine or base.
.:little bullet star:. by Chipi-Chiu No Disrespect to our members.
.:little bullet star:. by Chipi-Chiu Complaints will be dealt with in an orderly manner.
.:little bullet star:. by Chipi-Chiu Executive Action will take place if an incident occurs.
.:little bullet star:. by Chipi-Chiu Folder rules are important to us in Accepted Art.
Arrow left by Drawn-Mario After many attempts to explain which folders hold what, submissions that are not placed properly are subject to be declined.

Arrow left by Drawn-Mario I understand a few mistakes, but it starts to become evident when its not. Please look at all the folders and choose the correct one. Thank you.

||General Group Rules|| |DECOR| Winter Scenery by Volatile--Designs

amazonite star by DiegoVainilla We ONLY Accept art that is created by your hands. If you need to question it, then don't submit it.

amazonite star by DiegoVainilla Please refer to on Photo Manipulation.

amazonite star by DiegoVainilla Be respectful of everyone's work
amazonite star by DiegoVainilla Dont be rude in comments
Arrow left by Drawn-Mario DO NOT STEAL ART WORK
We will find you and I will ban you
Arrow left by Drawn-Mario Be a nice person in general

amazonite star by DiegoVainilla Group Members can only submit art here
Arrow left by Drawn-Mario Do NOT join the group just to submit your artwork and then leave.

amazonite star by DiegoVainilla || What we do not accept || amazonite star by DiegoVainilla

amazonite star by DiegoVainilla Anything that you did not create.
amazonite star by DiegoVainilla Hentai
amazonite star by DiegoVainilla Bases
Bullet Green by Drawn-Mario This includes: heavily referencing (color, position, etc) from another image.
amazonite star by DiegoVainilla YCH (your character here)
amazonite star by DiegoVainilla Contests / Auctions
amazonite star by DiegoVainilla Adopts or anything of the sort
amazonite star by DiegoVainilla OTA
amazonite star by DiegoVainilla Nudity
amazonite star by DiegoVainilla Flyers / Advertisments
Bullet Green by Drawn-MarioWe are an art based group. These kind of submissions are not accepted.
amazonite star by DiegoVainilla "Batches" of anything
amazonite star by DiegoVainilla Same Art but different backgrounds or clothing
amazonite star by DiegoVainilla Offensive / Mature Material including:
Bullet Green by Drawn-MarioToo much gore/violence/+18( Admins will determine if it is too much, however the artist is able to appeal )
Bullet Green by Drawn-MarioThe Nature of your work( Admins will determine if it is offensive for the groupl)
Bullet Green by Drawn-MarioToo little of clothing If it leads the user to focus on something "mature" . Let me say it straight. Both boy and Girls Etc need to have a moderate amount of clothing that is not suggestive! Lack of clothing or minimum amount is soemthign to be wary of.

amazonite star by DiegoVainilla || Strike System: Simplified|| amazonite star by DiegoVainilla
- How to get a strike -
amazonite star by DiegoVainilla Submitting any of the not accepted items
amazonite star by DiegoVainilla Personal Conduct
amazonite star by DiegoVainilla Any form of spam
amazonite star by DiegoVainilla Not Following the rules that are found in journals and the homepage

* by Kittyrocker All these will increase your chances of being banned.
- How it works -

You will have 3 warning. The 3rd one is a ban. Please message me through the group notes or comments below if you have any questions about an art piece etc.

* by Kittyrocker However, do not take advantage of this courtesy. It starts to become evident.

amazonite star by DiegoVainilla This list of what is not accepted is ever growing, so please check here to see if more have been added: thumb680609743:

amazonite star by DiegoVainilla || Spamming means || amazonite star by DiegoVainilla
Bullet Green by Drawn-Mario Excessive random comments with no purpose
Bullet Green by Drawn-Mario Trolling in the group to get a response out of our members. Alert me when this occurs.
Bullet Green by Drawn-Mario Resubmiting an art piece when its been declined.
Bullet Green by Drawn-Mario Advertising of any kind. You will get a warning.

amazonite star by DiegoVainilla Commenting on why a submission piece is denied is a SERVICE, not a right. This being said, Admins will stop commenting on why a piece was denied if it is evident that no one if trying to place them in the right folder.

|| Final Note ||

|DECOR| Winter Scenery by Volatile--Designs

* by Kittyrocker This group is built on the premise of ideas, the community, and our growth. Have a contest/activity recommendation or suggestion for us? Message me!

* by Kittyrocker Have Questions or complaints about something? Contact me.

* by Kittyrocker But most importantly, Have Fun!
|DECOR| Winter Scenery by Volatile--Designs

Make Our Activities Have more prizes! Donate your talent or points today!



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