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Name: Lock Noire

Ephitet: The Gravity Swordsman

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Race: Human


Rouge Hesiod

The Zodiac


Spike Gagnon

Lock's new emblem by Accel-Phoenix

The Character’s Appearance

Height: 5'8

Weight: 124 lbs

Eye Color:


Hair: Black

Complexion: Fair

Clothing: Wears a yellow dress shirt underneath a black vest with his emblem on the back, black pants, and yellow and black sneakers. Prominently wears a black fedora with a yellow hatband.

Outfit Colors: Black and yellow

Accessories: Fedora, silver pocket watch

About The Character

Status: Active

Occupation: Substitute Huntsman

Handedness: Ambidextrous 

Physical Characteristics:


Lock Noire is regularly depicted as having a stern, serious, and distanced personality. Despite this, Bianca has described him as both fierce and gentle. He is profoundly keen, savvy and sharp while keeping a neverendingly cool, marginally unbiased or impartial state of mind, which develops his levelheadedness in even the direst circumstances. Be that as it may, he is still somewhat on edge when something unexpected happens, however never ventures to lose his cool. Lock doesn't tolerate when someone hurts women or children in a battle, regardless of the possibility that they are evil, and will be particularly vicious toward the culprit. Lock is still inclined to brutality and doesn't waver from extremely harming his adversaries, regardless of the fact that they are ladies. He also favors witty one-liners, often ridiculing whoever is the target of his quips and offering absurd reasons for his feats. When around friends, he is prone to humorous acts and on occasion, is very expressive when an opponent excites or annoys him.

Fear(s): Losing someone he cares about

Likes: Eating; reading crime novels; cooking; making witty one liners;

Dislikes: People that threaten women and children; overconfidence; annoying conversations.

Fatal Flaw(s): He is can be very stubborn when someone challenges him.


  • Extremely calm under pressure
  • Keen senses
  • Fast and precise swordsmanship
  • Extremely fast and agile
  • Gyro Watch serves as a defense against most attacks.


  • Has trouble with opponents who can increase their physical attributes via their semblance.
  • Special Moves cause the Gyro Watch to be unavailable in order for it to recharge
  • Semblance may lose to other Fundamental Forces, due to it being the weakest of them (electromagnetism for example).
  • Gyro Watch always automatically sets a time limit (depending on the action) each time Lock uses his power. If he uses it, without rest, he gets less time.
  • Special Moves can shut down the Attribute Shift since it is the Gyro Watch itself. Meaning that once the time limit as been completely exhausted the move will automatically cancel itself and disappear.


Weapon Name:

Shining Valkyrie and Wailing Griffon (Handguns/Rapiers)

Weapon Description:

Weapon Special Ability: Ex-Charge Mode (Extra Charge)- The guns have a holding chamber underneath their barrels that hold fire and ice dust, respectively. The dust covers the blades to inflict fire and ice damage, but when used together at the same time, they create a powerful electrical charge that inflicts electrical damage on the enemy.

Valkyrie and Griffon  by Accel-Phoenix

Relationship With Others


Is often seen as aloof, but is actually pretty heroic. To other warriors, he is worthy of respect for his combat abilities and for his tactics.


Clancy Noire

Relationship: Father

Status: Deceased

Jonquil Joncker

Relationship: Mother 

Status: Deceased

Sapphire Noire

Relationship: Sister 

Age: 29

Status: Active

Spike Gagnon

Relationship: Mentor; Father figure 

Age: 185

Status: Active

Bianca Rosa

Relationship: Leader; Best Friend; Genetic half-sister

Age: 17

Status: Alive


Autumn Churchill

Relationship: Teammate; Friend; Love-interest

Age: 18

Status: Alive

Kendra Welsh

Relationship: Teammate; Friend

Age: 17

Status: Alive

Partner: Bianca Rosa

Rouge Hesiod 

Relationship: Supervisor; Friend

Age: 16 

Status: Alive 

Team KAKI 

Status: Active


Status: Active




The Rosehound Unit

Project Stars 

The Marshalls

The Red Dawn

Rosa Arms Company 


The Character’s Abilities

Agility:    10/10

Swordsmanship:    10/10

Long Range Accuracy:  6/10

Defense:   8/10

Offense:  7/10

Aura:  6/10

Social Skills:   5/10

Fighting Style:

Mostly relies on Extrasensory Combat: uses his body's senses in tandem with physical combat.


Gyro Watch- can summon a pocket watch that can alter, manipulate, and generate gravity. Generally serving as an absolute shield in battle by blocking and repulsing attacks.

Special Skill(s):


Dog Style Ninjutsu (Blade proficiency, Jeet Kune Do, Ninjutsu, Bushinryu, peak human conditioning, great analytical prowess)

Signature Move (s):

Counter Force- Gyro Watch will not only receive the impact from an attack, it will produce a repulsion 2x stronger than the initial attack ( i.e. someone strikes at Lock with their sword. If he uses his Counter Force at the right moment, he can repel the attack and possibly break the sword.)

Attribute Shift- The Gyro Watch fuses with Lock’s body and manifests itself as crystalized armor on parts of Lock's body. This armor can shift the gravitational atmosphere around Lock’s body, affecting his movements and his techniques. Move requires no time limit because the armor is the Gyro Watch itself.

  • Lunar Mode: Zero Shift- Decreases Lock’s gravity exponentially, making him lighter than air.

Physical Attributes: High mobility. Can move his body at blinding speeds in order for fast attacks and maneuverers.

Power attributes: Flash Step, Afterimage

Weakness: Low defense

  • Jupiter Mode: Juggernaut Shift- Increases Lock’s gravity, making him heavier.

Physical Attributes: Greater defense and strength.

Power attributes: Charged attacks

Weaknesses: Slower movements, uses up more time when using gravity abilities.

Gyro Watch Special Moves:

Gyro Shuriken- shapes the gravity around the Gyro Watch into the form of a fuma shuriken and throws it, hovering around the target while cutting it at the same time.

  • (Vol. 2) Multi Gyro Shuriken- can create multiple, smaller shuriken to attack with in a swarm formation.

Active Time on Gyro Watch: 5 minutes

Gyro Aura- creates an aura of gravity around him. Applications include: Attraction & Repulsion, Crushing, Deflection, Gravity Armor, Flight, Levitation, and Gravity Generation.

  • (Vol.2) Graviton Bet- can create a shockwave slash using gravity to attack at long distance with great power.

Active Time on Gyro Watch: 1 minute and 50 seconds

Holetime- the Gyro Watch opens up it’s cover and reveals a dark void that will suck in anything its direction.

Active Time on Gyro Watch: 5 seconds

Finishing Moves:

Star Hornet Execution- Stabs his opponent a numerous amount of times by using his Lunar Mode to accelerate his speed to a great extent and his swords' Ex-Charge Mode to inflict electric damage to them.

Spiral Stinger- While in the air, Lock summons his Gyro Watch and dives down at his opponent with it in hand. He generates high amounts of gravity from the watch, starts spinning, and crashes into them with great force.

EX-Caliber Cut- by combining Lunar Mode and Ex-Charge, Lock slashes his opponents while running at extraordinary speeds. Because the attack is so fast, there’s a 6 second delay before the shock from the attack actually happens.

Graviton High Roller- While in Ex-Charge Mode, Lock launches his opponent upward with a fiery upward slash, launches them further up with an ice slash, and finally, with the assistance of the Gyro Watch, launches himself and his opponent higher into the air with a spinning, electric slash from both blades.

Ultra Dropkick-Stab Combo- Lock opens with two jabs to the face, a strong punch to the stomach, and an uppercut before swiftly stabbing his opponent numerous times. He ends it with a strong dropkick and fires a shot at his opponent.

Gyro EX-Termination Slash- By mixing Jupiter Mode, his Gravity Aura technique and Ex-Charge, Lock dashes at his opponent(s) with tremendous speed and slashes them with both blades, creating a shockwave slash so powerful, that it cuts everything in the area and covers the ground in electricity.

Born in Lantern Village, on an island far away from the kingdoms, Lock Noire and his older sister, Sapphire, were destined to become great warriors from the moment they were born. As children of Clancy Noire, a member of the Zodiac, Lock and Sapphire would begin their training at the age of seven in order for one of them to replace Clancy as a member of the group. However a few days after Lock was born, Clancy mysteriously disappeared off the face of Remnant. Sapphire, who was thirteen when Clancy disappeared, began doing missions for the Zodiac as a substitute huntress. With his father gone and his sister traveling across Remnant, Lock stayed in the village with his mother. When he turned seven years old, Spike Gagnon, another member of the Zodiac, took Lock under his wing and began his training. From then on, Lock trained hard every day of his life under Spike's excruciating tutelage, mastering swordplay, hand to hand combat and even gaining an education. Around the time Lock was fourteen years old, Spike left Leo Island to continue his missions for the Zodiac. However, it was also around that time that Lock's mother grew ill due to her age. From then on, Lock would take a break from his training to watch over her. On Lock's sixteenth birthday, everything changed. Out of nowhere, the village was under attack by an unknown group. The four of them scorched the village, burning everything down and killing everyone in sight. Amidst the chaos, Lock carried his mother, desperately trying to get away. Things didn't go as planned, however, when an explosion knocks them onto the ground. As Lock struggles to get on his knees, he witnesses one of the attackers kill his mother with a crossbow arrow to the head. His mother's killer then directs their attention to Lock and they engage in combat. Losing the fight, Lock is helpless as she points the crossbow at him. Before she could fire on him, Lock is saved by Sapphire, who creates a diversion in order for them to escape. Lock and Sapphire manage to escape Leo Island on a speedboat and head to the mainland. They ditch the boat and head into a forest, where they camped in a cave for a few days. Afterward, Lock and Sapphire traveled to Vale. Sapphire gave Lock twin handguns, Shining Valkyrie and Wailing Griffon, as a late birthday present, before telling him to lay low in Vale for awhile. After a year on his own, Lock was recruited into the Zodiac as a substitute huntsman in order to complete the formation of Team BLAK


Lock alludes to Sherlock Holmes due to his keen intellect and perception.
  • His first name, Lock, was inspired by yellow padlocks. His surname, Noire, means black in French. It also refers to the crime fiction genre.
  • His hat is a tribute to hats detectives wore in old detective films and books.
  • Lock's different hobbies such as cooking, fighting, and book collecting, are a reference to Holmes' multiple professions.


"Your time is up." 

"Good grief."
Been awhile since I've done one of these. It helps to know what the vision in your head looks like.

Shining Valkyrie and Wailing Griffon:…
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