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Name: Kendra Welsh

Nickname: Ken, The Blazing Samurai, The Welsh Dragon, The Mutt, Ms. Attitude

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Race: Faunus (Husky Tail)

Kendra's new emblem by Accel-Phoenix

Team BLAK 

Rouge Hesiod 

The Zodiac 


The Welsh Family

The Character’s Appearance

Height: 5'6

Weight: 119 lbs

Eye Color:


Red (Semblance)


Black and Red

Red (Semblance)

Complexion: Fair

Clothing: A red sleeveless tank top worn under a black leather jacket. The jacket sleeves are rolled up and a red ribbon on the back. Wears red gloves, grey jean shorts, black leg high socks and black combat boots.

Outfit Colors: Red, Black, and Gray

Accessories: Ribbon 

About The Character

Status: Active

Occupation: Substitute Huntress

Handedness: Ambidextrous

Physical Characteristics: Scar on her right eye

She is catty, cynical, sarcastic, tough, and at times, mean; but has a soft side for animals, namely dogs. It is also shown, despite her spiteful attitude, that she loves her friends very much, and shows her nurturing side at times, mostly to Autumn. However, she often feels that her friends don't understand her so she doesn't usually open up to them. Because of her family's constant show of disgust of her faunas lineage, Ken shows great ambition to be the best, which at some points prevents her to act logically. This prompts her to even challenge Bianca and Lock constantly, due to their skills in hand to hand combat and swordsmanship respectively. Her ambitions and repressed emotions has also affected her semblance, creating a separate personality upon activation. This personality called Blaze is a contrast to Kendra's normal personality. Blaze is respectful, encouraging, smart on and off battle, and expresses herself more than Kendra. Many even go as far as to wonder if she is the original personality.

Fear(s): Never becoming the ultimate warrior.

Likes: Fighting, sleeping, training; animals

Dislikes: Losing fights; Being underestimated; Being insulted

Fatal Flaw(s): Tries too hard to prove that she's stronger than anyone.


   ·         Vicious in combat

   ·         Immensely Durable

   ·         Very Powerful

   ·         Extremely Strong and Fast


   ·         Easily angered

   ·         Can be overly ambitious

   ·         Stubborn

   ·        Has a inferiority complex


Weapon Name:

Asa Homura

Weapon Description:


Scabbard (sword)

Asa Homura (Morning Blaze) MKII by Accel-Phoenix

Relationship With Others


Although regarded as one of the strongest substitute warriors, Kendra is known to push herself too hard. She's also known to have a temper.


Rufus Welsh

Relationship: Father

Status: Alive

Robin Blevins

Relationship: Biological Mother

Status: Deceased

Camellia Welsh 

Relationship: Step-mother 

Status: Imprisoned

Pyrrhus Welsh

Relationship: Paternal Half-Brother

Status: Inactive

Altan Welsh 

Relationship: Grandfather 

Status: Deceased

Various cousins 


Bianca Rosa

Relationship: Leader; Rival

Age: 17

Status: Alive

Lock Noire

Relationship: Teammate; Rival

Age: 17

Status: Alive

Autumn Churchill 

Relationship: Teammate; Best Friend

Age: 17

Status: Alive

Partner: Autumn Churchill 

Rouge Hesiod 

Relationship: Employer; Friend 

Age: 16 

Status: Active 


Status: Active


Status: Active




The Rosehound Unit

Project Stars 

The Red Dawn

Rosa Arms Company 


The Character’s Abilities

Agility:    8/10

Swordsmanship:    20/10

Long Range Accuracy:  2/10

Defense:   5/10

Offense:  10/10

Aura:  8/10

People Skills:   3/10

Fighting Style:

Uses extraordinary speed and power to overwhelm her foes.


Blaze- Meditates to tap into an inner power that will boost her strength and speed. As a side affect of her separate personality's existence, the semblance also activates when Kendra falls asleep. 

Special Skill(s):


Dragon Senjutsu (Taekwondo, aura augmentation, extraordinary speed)


As the child of a Faunus mother and a human father of the Welsh family, Kendra Welsh was secretly raised by her mother. On the night after her father, Rufus, became the head of the family, Kendra and her mother were taken hostage by members of the Angel family, the rival family of the Welsh Household. It was during this three day incident that Kendra's existence was revealed to the Welsh family and she watched Robin die as a result of Rufus not accepting their demands, which were for Rufus to come to a meeting area alone and offer his life. Seeing as their demands wouldn't be met the kidnappers decided to kill Kendra as well, but as luck would have it she was saved by the leader of the Zodiac, Griselda Drake. After being rescued on behalf of Rufus' request, Kendra expressed feelings of rage and hatred toward her father for allowing her mother to die and for not being in her life. Griselda, suffering from one of her hangovers, issued the demand that Ken would live with her family. For the next few years, Kendra experienced constant emotional and sometimes even physical abuse by her family members, except from her father and brother. Her dad was always busy with his work as a huntsman and a representative for the military and her brother protected her from the abuse she obtained, but that all soon changed. Planned by Camellia and other relatives, Kendra was attacked by her family as an assassination attempt. This plan, as a result, managed to gravely injure Pyrrhus, who tried to protect her. Using Pyrrhus' sword, the Asa Homura, she managed to get away from the danger and ran out of town. She ran until she stumbled upon a bar in the middle of nowhere and fell asleep inside Griselda's cross/coffin. After coming to the conclusion that she is not safe even with her own family, Griselda decided to raise Kendra herself.


Her first name, Kendra, is a combination of two words. "Ken" means sword in Japanese and "dra" is the first three letters of dragon. Her surname, Welsh, refers to the Welsh Dragon on the flag of Wales.
And that concludes Team BLAK

Asa Homura:…
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