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KAKI Weapons: Guilty Spark V2 by Accel-Phoenix KAKI Weapons: Guilty Spark V2 by Accel-Phoenix
Name: Guilty Spark

User: Iris Rai

Weapon Type: Stun sword/Modified Sheathe

Special Abilities: Can conduct electricity though the blade and increase it's power.

Description: A chokuto with the abilities of a taser, a lightning rod and a brush (or wand in some cases). Guilty Spark's sheathe has is made of a special alloy that attracts and captures electricity. When the electricity flows through the sheathe, Iris can use that energy to create talismans, a semblance that allows her to use her sheathe to write holographic kanji for different electrical effects that can vary from lightning-based attacks electrical barriers. Iris can also create her own electricity by manifesting her aura, feeding the sheathe the energy. However this method also leaves Iris weakened with constant use or in most cases, the bigger and more powerful her talisman spells are.

The blade itself is a light sword for swift attacks. Aside from being able to cut things, Guilty Spark can also stun enemies by hitting them with the back of the blade and shocking them with electricity. This is done by using the three Dust crystals embedded into the blade to cover each section in electricity. Besides using electricity to stun her foes, Iris can also use it for lightning based attacks and by mixing that power with her speed, Iris can also create different lightning sword techniques.


Seeing as Iris Rai is a female ninja, I began to see that Guilty Spark's first design was too big and loud to be used by her. So I recreated to fit a speed type of fighter.
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December 22, 2015
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