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Grimm Soul by Accel-Phoenix Grimm Soul by Accel-Phoenix

Description: Some call it a blade born to slay Grimm. Some say it’s a cursed sword that destroys all that it touches. And some say it was Pen used by two writers long ago before changing over the Decades as it get passed down from person to person.

Model Creator: Accel-Phoenix

Concept by:TaintedRiverSide

Weapon Type: Teethed Greatsword/LongSword/BoosterClub

Weapon Class: Ancient Relic


Fighting Style's: Grimm Style

A ever changing fighting style created by Krim when he was injured and hiding from Grimm. He read Ancient fighting manuals and studied the Grimm as he healed also adding knowledge he gain from traveling the world and collecting Fairy Tales and Lore alike.

Owner: Krim Glayson, Previous Owners (but the weapon was different and had different names)

It has 3 Forms

Slayer From: Teethed Greatsword it's just a sword but awesome. When Grimm or humans/faunus get sliced it leaves an uneven and edgy mark no matter how clean and sharp the cut was.

Blunt Fang From: Like unsheathing a pen. it allows for faster and more elegant fighting. it is actually Blunt and like a Ruler. (Based on MoZi and Mohism)

Ōkui From: Turning the Sword into a Spiked club allowing for powerful crush based attacks against opponent with strong defense. It also has a booster that works similar to Crescent Rose's High Caliber Sniper boost to moving except it is not a gun instead it uses Dust.

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June 2, 2017
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