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Name: Bianca Rosa

Nickname: The Cyclone Princess; The Glutton; The Bottomless Pit; The White Beast 

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Race: Clone 


Rouge Hesiod


The Zodiac

The Cyclone Unit (former)

The Rosa Arms Corporation (former)

Project Stars (former)

Bianca's new emblem by Accel-Phoenix

The Character’s Appearance

Height: 5'7

Weight: 134 lbs

Eye Color: Blue

Hair: White with black highlights

Complexion: Pale


Outfit Colors: White, blue, and black

Accessories: Choker necklace

About The Character

Status: Active

Occupation: Vigilante; Substitute Huntress

Handedness: Right-handed

Physical Characteristics:

Bianca is an oddity to many people. She expresses a kind of humble, child-like personality when socializing with people. She also has a habit of often finding trouble, which led to Rouge assigning Lock to watch after her. Her simple personality often makes people think that Lock is the leader of her team due to his seriousness. However, she can act like a leader when a situation is dire. In the heat of battle, she's a force to be reckoned with. Due to the combination of her fearlessness, her training under Ivory, her training in the military, and the DNA recovered from Clancy, Bianca is highly versed in battle strategy and has a natural instinct for combat, the latter often making her the point of focus when combating large numbers or serious threats while her team focuses on the mission. Her instinct in battle also allows her to think of different ways to fight, most notably when using her semblance. In terms of ingenuity in the field, Bianca is in a league of her own.

Fear(s): Losing her comrades, going without food for a long period of time

Likes: Food, music, art, combat

Dislikes: Sharing food, Boring fights, those that threaten the weak, weak opponents 

Fatal Flaw(s): Bianca doesn't perform well when hungry. If she hasn't eaten, her movements become a lot more sluggish and her stamina and power decrease. 


  • Great strength and agility

  • Keen battle instinct

  • Versatile Semblance

  • Well-educated in the art of combat


  • Can be impulsive

  • Hunger

  • Not as smart normally

  • Semblance is weak against fire and electricity

  • Semblance requires mental focus. The more complex the sphere is, the harder it is to maintain.


Weapon Name:

Grand Tempesta and Stormbud

BLAK Weapons: Grand Tempesta by Accel-Phoenix

Weapon Description:




Buckler shield

Relationship With Others


Along with Lock, Bianca is famous for making friends with people due to her heroic exploits and cheerful personality. However, she is feared by most places that serve food as she devours everything she eats. She is also feared by some who have heard rumors about her during her time in the military, granting her the titles of "The Cyclone Princess" and "The White Beast."


Ivory Rosa

Relationship: "Mother," Nemesis

Age: 83

Status: Alive

Akane Rosa

Relationship: Sister 

Age: 28

Status: Active

Gras Rosa

Relationship: Twin Brother, Arch-enemy

Age: 17

Status: Alive

Lock Noire

Relationship: Teammate; Best Friend; Genetic Half-Brother

Age: 17

Status: Alive


Autumn Churchill

Relationship: Teammate; Friend 

Age: 18 

Status: Alive

Kendra Welsh

Relationship: Teammate; friend

Age: 17

Status: Alive

Partner: Lock Noire

Rouge Hesiod 

Relationship: Employer; Friend 

Age: 16 

Status: Alive 

Team KAKI 

Status: Active


Status: Active


BLAK (Leader)


The Rosehound Unit

Project Stars 

The Red Dawn

Rosa Arms Company 


The Character’s Abilities

Agility:    8/10

Swordsmanship:    7/10

Long Range Accuracy: 6/10

Defense:   5/10

Offense:  8/10

Aura:  7/10

People Skills:   6/10

Fighting Style:

Prefers to get up close and personal with her opponent.


Aerosphere- can compress air into spheres and manipulate them to increase her combat performance (speed and power) or to use for special moves.

Special Skill(s):


Rose Style (Mixed martial arts, amazing physical prowess, weapon 
proficiency, tactical ingenuity)

Signature Move:

F-Scale- By combining her semblance with her physical attacks, she can increase her battle performance. The downside is that these techniques require certain degrees of focus and the larger and more complex the sphere, the more focus Bianca has to put in which can greatly exhaust her physically and mentally. These techniques can sometimes cause her to collapse in complete exhaustion (more likely when using F3-F5).

F0- Normal

F1- creates spheres around her hands, feet, and blade when attacking to increase the impact damage.

F2- creates an aerosphere and shapes it into a full body, outer layer. Enhances her strength and mobility.

F3- creates two huge aerospheres and shapes them into a golem-like entity with rabbit ears. Greatly enhances strength and endurance at the cost of most of its mobility.

F4- creates three spheres of air that surround Bianca and take the appearance of a suit of ethereal armor. Tremendously enhances strength, speed, and endurance.

Aerosphere Special Moves:

  1. Aero Buster- Creates a sphere of air and smashes it into her opponent, sending them flying on impact.
  2. Aero Grenade- compresses air into a small, compact sphere that will explode once she has released it.
  3. Aero Armament- can shape the spheres into weapons and shields.
  4. Aero Clone- Creates a clone of herself using a sphere.
  5. Air Step- Uses her spheres to jump or dash great distances.
  6. Healing Sphere- can heal herself or others by using her spheres in case their aura is depleted by having air molecules extract harmful substances and bring in medicament at a molecular level, or use air molecules to repair and regenerate damaged cells and molecules. Can use air flow to provide more oxygen and nutrients for body parts, effectively increasing metabolism, and pressurizing air to forcefully seal off wounds.

Finishing Moves:

Cyclone Takedown

Aero Clone Barrage

Royal Flush

Tempesta Assault

Tifones de Rosas

Final Shining Burst


Created in the labs of the military program, Project Stars, using DNA from both Ivory Rosa and a now deceased Clancy Noire, Bianca was born as one of the only three successful cloning attempts of the perfect successor to the Rosa family. When she was seven years old, her mother began her hellish training by leaving Bianca in a forest for a year in order to develop her semblance and strengthen her will to survive in the face of certain death. Bianca survived the first trial of her training and was later trained in combat and business by Ivory herself, although she failed miserably in the latter subject. Becoming an effective combatant at the age of thirteen, Ivory enlisted Bianca in the military as a member of a secret black ops unit known as the Cyclone Unit. Bianca worked for years as a loyal soldier, until one day she met a woman who looked like her mother. Her name was Akane Rosa, Ivory's first successful clone. Akane revealed to Bianca that Ivory was using her just like she planned to use Akane before. Ivory planned to keep the military and the kingdoms under her thumb by controlling their main resources such as Dust, weapons, and even the Cross Continental Transmit System through business. While she handled that, Bianca was to rise through the ranks and command the military, giving the Rosa family complete control. Bothered by Akane's sudden revelation, Bianca asked her mother directly about her plans, even going as far as mentioning Akane to her. Ivory confirmed everything and gave her daughter a choice: help her with her plans or be taken out of the equation for good. Refusing to take part in her mother's tyranny, Bianca declined. Immediately afterward, Ivory quickly subdued Bianca and told her agents to dispose of her. Chained and unconscious, Bianca was thrown into a river from off a cliff and was washed away out to sea. A day later, she washed up on a shore and was discovered by a fisherman and his family, who nursed her back to health. A month later, Bianca was visited by Rouge Hesiod, who recruited her as a substitute huntress.


Her name alludes to the "Axis powers." Akane is Japan, Bianca is Italy, and Gras is Germany.
  • Her name translates as "White Rose" in Italian. 
  • Her involvement in the military is also a reference to Italy during the war.
Bianca's semblance is similar to her mother and siblings, except the element is different. 


"You gotta go beyond awesome if you wanna win!" 

"I'm always serious!"
Well gotta do more of these at some point, right?
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I like that her arch nemesis is her twin brother
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