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Rwby Oc   Autumn Churchill  Color Wip  By Acgearma by Accel-Phoenix

Name: Autumn Churchill

Nickname: Ms. Creepyfingers, The Vigilante, The Vulture, The Puppeteer 

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Affiliation(s): Team BLAK

Rouge Hesiod

The Zodiac


The Black Coin (former)

Autumn's new emblem by Accel-Phoenix

The Character’s Appearance

Height: 5'8

Weight: 154 lbs

Eye Color: Brown

Hair: Brown

Complexion: Fair


Outfit Colors: Orange, blue, and brown

Accessories: Goggles; metal claws

About The Character

Status: Active

Occupation: Substitute Huntress

Handedness: Right-handed

Physical Characteristics:


Autumn is a girl with two sides to her. Her normal attitude is a kind, sweet, and helpful girl, who wishes to help others however she can. In the field, she's a devious and manipulative vigilante, who will exploit her enemies' weaknesses and use underhanded tricks to ensure their downfall. This tactic is mostly due to her thieving history as a member of the thieving guild, Black Coin. Autumn's most defining trait in her personality is her determination and willpower. In order to atone for her criminal past, Autumn puts heart into helping others whenever they're in need, refusing to turn her back on people who need her. She will also hunt down and study her enemies to the edge of Remnant in order for justice to be served. No matter how painful or difficult a challenge, Autumn will put her skills into full effect in order to make Remnant a better place.

Fear(s): Her past, insects, caves

Likes: Puppets, archery, singing, yoga, shopping, and cooking (even though she's bad at it)

Dislikes: Crime; bullies; doing nothing while her team works; feeling useless

Fatal Flaw(s): Autumn has a tendency of showing mercy to her enemies, often giving them chances to surrender instead of just overwhelming them.


  • Highly Agile

  • Great tactical expertise

  • Superior eyesight

  • Expert Stealth skills

  • Surprisingly Durable

  • Semblance is highly versatile


  • Overreliance on her arsenal

  • Weak hand-to-hand skills

  • Prefers to talk her way out of some fights

  • Anyone who’s physically stronger than her


Weapon Name:

Mad Jackal 

Mad Jackal (Final) by Accel-Phoenix

Weapon Description:





Relationship With Others


Viewed as a handyman and a local superhero. She's also viewed as an older sister by children. In the criminal underworld, she's known as an extortionist, getting information by calling in favors and even blackmailing some informants. This earned her the nickname "The Vulture"


Umbra Churchill

Relationship: Adoptive Mother; Former guild leader

Age: 37

Status: Alive


Bianca Rosa

Relationship: Leader; Friend

Age: 17

Status: Alive

Lock Noire

Relationship: Teammate; Friend; Love interest

Age: 17

Status: Alive

Kendra Welsh

Relationship: Teammate; Best friend

Age: 17

Status: Alive

Partner: Kendra Welsh

Rouge Hesiod 

Relationship: Employer; Friend 

Age: 16 

Status: Alive 

Team KAKI 

Status: Active


Status: Active




The Rosehound Unit

Project Stars 

The Red Dawn

Rosa Arms Company 


The Character’s Abilities

Agility:    8/10

Swordsmanship:    6/10

Long Range Accuracy:  20/10

Defense:   8/10

Offense:  6/10

Aura:  6/10

People Skills:   30/10

Fighting Style:

Prefers to use sneak attacks and fight from a distance. Prefers to dodge and avoid attacks. Uses dense wire thread to defend, trap, and even attack enemies.


Thread Control- can manipulate thread, string, and even hair in different ways.

Special Skill(s):

Ninjutsu (Kyujutsu; Extensive weapons training)

The Art of Theft (Parkour; Expert social skills; Expert strategist and tactician; Expert sneaking skills)

Signature Move:
Marionette- Can control a person’s body by using her thread to manipulate their muscles.

Thread Control Special Move:

  1. Trap Arrow- After firing an arrow, she unravels it, turning it into a net.
  2. Thread Barrier- Can create net-like barriers to detect movement, so she can always know where her target is.
  3. Thread Armament- Can create thread weapons and shields.
  4. Thread Cloning- can form a clone from the thread.
  5. Stitching- can cause anything on her target to be "stitched" up/together, with applications such as attaching things to one another, reattaching limbs, binding things to any surface, closing wounds, etc.

Finishing Move:

Rest in Pieces 

Ice Breaker

Spider Web Dropkick

Wild Jackal

Rage of Babalyon

Mad Weaves


Abandoned in Forever Fall as a small child, Autumn was founded by Umbra Churchill, the future leader of the thieves guild, Black Coin. As the years went by, Autumn became old enough to partake in thieving assignments. After awhile, she begins to notice that the guild wasn't just stealing valuable items, they were stealing technology and other strange packages. When she turned sixteen, Autumn met a blind girl, named Cecile Summers from a family of scientists. Originally intending to rob her, Autumn's attempt failed when Cecile caught her by surprise with an arrow meant as a warning shot . Cecile had a gift for sensing the aura of other people through echolocation, a miscalculation that Autumn had not prepared for. Autumn was prepared to make a quick getaway but was stopped by Cecile when asked if she wanted to stay for awhile. Cecile's family was often busy and she would feel alone at times. Feeling guilty in the face of Cecile's understanding nature, Autumn stayed for awhile and got to know her host. After awhile, Autumn began to relax and have fun. For the next month, Autumn would sneak back to Cecile's mansion to visit her new friend. It was during that time that Autumn's curiosity about Cecile's talents would lead her to read books about aura and semblances and practice archery with Cecile's butler. Over the next two years, Autumn mastered archery and accidentally discovered her semblance while adjusting her bow. While Autumn and Cecile's friendship grew, however, the Black Coin had made a plan to rob Cecile's family. The plan was finalized because of Autumn's constant visits to the mansion, having been followed by her fellow thieves to gather information. Angry and guilt-ridden, Autumn chose to sabotage the heist and got the guild arrested. With the plan in ruins, Autumn wrote a letter to Cecile, explaining the event that was going to take place and apologizing for putting her in danger. Autumn left Cecile behind to pursue a means of atonement by starting a new life elsewhere.


Autumn's surname, Churchill, is a reference to a British Army officer by the name of John "Jack" Churchill who fought in WWII. 

  • Autumn's skills with a bow is also a reference to Jack Churchill, who fought in the war with a bow. 
  • Autumn's weapon, Mad Jackal, also refers to Churchill's nickname, Mad Jack, for his unorthodox choice of weaponry.
The word "Jackal" in Mad Jackal's name refers to the wild dog that scavenges and hunts for food in the wild.
  • It also refers to Autumn herself because of her dishonest and wicked ways when doing business with informants. 


"I'm always glad to help." 

"I may have been a criminal in the past, but I'm here now and I'm going to make things right."
Character art by ACGearmaker 

Emblem by me 

3D model for Mad Jackal:…

The full bio of Autumn Churchill
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