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Small Justice for Ned

By acazigot
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One of the highlights in the last book. Jon Snow beheading Janos Slynt for "unobedience" :)
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*SPOILER* do you think he's dead? or he'll be resurrected by melisandre as thoros did with dondarrion & lady stoneheart?
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I've just discover your gallery, and I love your graphic style ! Great job :)
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This is awesome!! What medium did you use?
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This scene really makes you realize how much he is like Ned Stark.
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I love this picture :) Amazing work thaanks for make it 
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I thought that son of bitch would never die
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Loved this chapter
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An offering to the Old Gods
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So glad that happened,I hated Janos Slynt for his bitch ass demeanor.Now,if only they can come up with a proper death for Petyr Baelish....
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Most likely, Sansa will have learned her lessons well, and pay her debts when she reveals herself at her wedding to Harry the Heir. If Littlefinger had one weakness, it was for Catelyn and now Sansa.
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Slynt deserved this. Awesome work.
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Well done - about effects, you know. :')
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Wow! ! Just Wow!
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si señor, creo que es de los mejores dibujos sobre el 5º libro, muy buena y la escena escogida idem. fenomenal!!!![link]
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Karma's a bitch. Now we just have to wait for Littlefinger and the guy who tortured Theon to get their turn. Then again, I have a feeling George favors Petyr
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I can't imagine that Littlefinger will get his until the very end. If anyone in this series is the main bad guy, I bet it's him(not counting the Others because they're more of an evil force than actual characters).
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We just have to wait
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"Edd, fetch me a bloke."
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amazing painting ! loved it in books, looking forward to see it in the show and love it here !
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