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He Named Him Albus Severus?

I agree Severus....

Done for the "Deeply_Horrible" fest on LJ

Marker and colored pencil on bristol
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Ha ha ha ha ha!
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Exactly!!!!! Exactly the way I imagined Severus' reaction! And his expression! Wonderful;)
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 Thanks! I don't imagine him looking too kindly on it.
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I know right!? Ginny really drew the short straw on that name. ;P Amazing art btw! Love the annoyed position Snape is in! :squee: :love: :heart:-Kay
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 She sure did, didn't even get to slap a name on one of those piglets. ;)

 Thanks, I can't imagine him being anything less than eye rollingly annoyed over it.
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Me neither! And my sister agrees with you too! ;) :giggle: Poor Snape. :heart:-Kay
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We've selected this piece for our latest Special Feature on Spinners--End.
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hee!!! Wonderful annoyed!Snape.
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Thanks! It's the only piece of fanart I have framed and hung on my wall. I look to him for inspiration when I'm having an annoying day.
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Awesome. All I can say. :clap:
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His expression says it all.
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Poor Snape. James would be giving him hell, while Lily would be telling James off for doing so.
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Oh thank you for this! I have never thought Severus would be at all happy to learn one of Potter's kids had his name. Ever.
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I can see only one thing that can make it acceptable. First, Al Sev has to be Sorted Slytherin. Second, some time during his first year, Al Sev pulls some truly devious and humiliating prank (probably involving potions) on his arrogant older brother, James Sirius. Third, Slytherin House is so impressed, they declare he should no longer be known by the insipid name of Albus, but shall be known to all Slytherins everywhere as Severus Snape Potter. Fourth, Harry's head explodes the first time he hears his younger son's housemates call him "Sev."
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You can't have ''Snape'' and ''Potter'' in the same name. It's just... :no:
acatnamedeaster's avatar
I can't say anything considering my shipping preferences. :P
JDNight's avatar
Your art of these two is pretty amazing but to me personally, it's a little creepy (also considering the age differences and the fact they hate each other's guts in canon so having their names sandwiched together is an automatic fail). :blushes: But whenever you do it it's an exception. I can excuse it. ;)
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Oh I'm not much of a Snarry fan and don't ship them. I ship Snack which most people find an odd ship, which is why I have no room to talk.;) Like you, the 20 year age difference bothers me.
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But you did a quite a few Snarry art as well besides Snack...

Okay, I get you now. :)
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True enough, but I don't think I could ever write a comic or anything with them. Well, with the exception of the one I did last year but in that one Animagus!Snape devoured Animagus!Harry so it worked out. ;)
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If it's something like that, then yup. :nod:
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