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calligraphy in circle

calligraphy in circle
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Nice :) Looks almost like a celtic knot. What was your inspiration?
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Amazing. I can't imagine how long it would take to arrange all the letters in such a complex way.
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Masha Allah,

Awesome! I require Our Madrassah Name to be written in Arabic Calligraphy so we could use it in our logo. Can anybody please assist. Madrassa's name is: Madrassah Imam Shafi (RA). My email address is If possible i require the file in vector format.

Jzklh Hu Khair in Advance
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What kind of words is it?
how to read it?
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NICE WORK. can anyone pls tell me what is the meaning of this words? it should have right?
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Wow cool! Lol it's in arabic so sum ppl don't understand

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Great work! Really a truly masterpiece.
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Mashallah!! Explendid work!
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السلام عليكم

يا احباب ارجوكم تكفون

ايش مكتوب فيها

والله تعبت وانا افكر واتأمل
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Just bind mlowing (@.@)
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This piece was featured as an art example in the Gimme Feedback's Art Quest 2012 March 12th Blog: [link]
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Beautiful! what does it say?
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Very nice!! impressive, really!!:iconluvluvplz:
um...what does it say? Thanks:)
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beeeeautifullll 11/10 :)
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what's this scripture?
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oh..ok i just read meaning now...means nothing :) LOL :)
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very nice.... Whats written there?...meaning?
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