The saga continues...

The user who's been harassing me for free requests has only escalated his behavior. Every time I block him, he contacts me from a new account. Here are his aliases thus far: nfred4, nfred5, nfred6, nfred2, nightfred1, brand3, brand17, brand20, brannnd, and atobrand. I know for a fact that he's harassed other artists as well. I've reported him for block evasion, but my support ticket hasn't been reviewed yet.

SO frustrating :frustrated: -revamp

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By Acaciathorn
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Wow that dude sure doesn't know how to stop o.O

What's so difficult to follow your request rules is something beyond me...

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The lack of self awareness he seems to have is both amazing and incredibly frustrating....

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that is awful. I'm sorry friend, :( :(

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I gave this guy a shout in his brannd account, informing him that his behavior isn't getting him anywhere and he's earning our combined hostility. I closed by telling him, "Stop being a dickweed and take the hint." He seemed unconvinced of any of it.

By all means, go to brannd's profile. Tell him whether my shout was nonsense or not.

(Please avoid flaming him, and proofread your comments. Give him no excuse to think we're just over-emotional 'mean' people.)

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I can't go to his profile cuz I blocked him ^^;

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I meant the message for everyone reading your status update.

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He sent me another note today anyway, with a new account. Siiiigh

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Put that account name under this reply, so he can't hide using it.

As far as block-evading trolls go, this guy seems almost mild-mannered. But he is still a block-evading troll, and will require coordinated effort to thwart permanently.

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Sorry you have to deal with this guy! DX Just make sure you keep a record of every instance f this so the Mods will know what you've been dealing with.

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Ouch. What a *censored*

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Good grief, well there are a lot of people out there who need a something to do in their life

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I thought you cod only have 1 account... I'm sorry that happens to you

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You can have as many accounts as you have email addresses

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This self-absorbed, self-righteous incel needs to be banned.

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Aww, I'm sorry he's doing this, Mar... Here are some huggles... :huggle: :hug: :snuggles:

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I did that once, what Darianblood suggested. Some frat boy wanted me to sell him beer after 3:00Am, and I said that I would if he could answer some Harry Potter trivia questions.


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Perhaps a change of tactic is in order? Tell him you'll give him his request if he performs various impossible (but not dangerous or illegal) tasks and sends you photographic proof.

Either that or copy/paste some massively overlong and insane conspiracy theories in answer to his notes?

When blocking doesn't work I find being as annoying as possible back can be effective and is often fun too :D

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lol, I totally would've done that in college

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What can I say? I never really grew up :D

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People like that never seem to really understand that others are human beings too.

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Do you think maybe closing your request box for a while could possibly solve this? You can always open a new one til this dude gets bored and stops.

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I don't think so. At this point he's just really dedicated to asking me why I'm mean

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What a total dweeb! I know I'd never do such a thing, especially to you, Mara... I mean, I'd like requests from you, but one, I can't use real money for them, and two, I wouldn't keep asking like this freakazoid... He sounds like a real creep to me! He needs to (pmf... ^^; ) f*** off!! No one does this to you and gets away with it, at least imo! :pissedoff: :pissed: :angered: :explosion: Okay, ranting over now... :blush:

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