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I'm burned out on commissions, so I'm opening a request box. This is NOT first come, first served. I will only draw characters that strike my fancy, and the style is likely to be experimental.


⋄ You must be watching me.

⋄ Share this journal in a NEW poll, journal, or status update.

⋄ Humans and Bothans only.

⋄ Comment here with a maximum of TWO characters. Use the form below. Character Name: Character Reference(s): Personality (3-5 words): Link to journal or poll: Absolutely no weird shit. If I suspect your request is fetish-related, I will delete your comment. and links are preferred. If you don't wanna take your chances with a random request, you can always check out my commissions page.

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I have a request. A charity ad. Make some art. Make it the best art you have ever made. And make it blatantly and explicitly a charity advertisement. On your own terms. You decide every exact detail.

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Watching and shared. As for characters:

This is Helios:


Personality: Fighter, reckless, naive, honorable, altruistic

And here’s Orochi:


Personality: Quiet, serious, secretive, blunt, honest


Feel free to take any sort of creative liberties you’d like if you choose to do either of them. Have a good one 👍

Can I have a request please?

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Follow the rules.

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does this girl strike your fancy?

Honeycomb refrence

edit: oh deary i forgot the journal link!!

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Please follow the rules. You need to fill out the required form

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Oh sorry been busy recently

Character Name: Honeycomb

Character Reference(s):

Honeycomb refrence

Personality (3-5 words): bubbly, stupid, friendly, basically a female himbo

Link to journal or poll:

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Hello! Is the Request Box still open?

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It's always open

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Here is my boost:

and here are my request refs: (personality and such are in the refs)

Kendra O'Malley


Nayan Atmajyoti

Nayan quick ref
Nayan's shadows
Nayan Ref Wip By Bhudicae Ddkov62
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Personality psychotic, seeking, intelligent, pleasuring
Reference Ultron from marvel comics and MCU
Citizenship Australian
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You need to provide links to specific reference pictures of Kryptron. I'm not gonna go searching for them.

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I only do humans and Bothans, not cybernetic beings, as stated in the rules.

You also didn't include a link to the required journal post. I'm going to have to reject your request because you didn't follow the rules.

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My character is named Edith
Personality loving, deep, brave, wise
Reference Emily from overwatch
Citizenship Chinese
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This isn't specific enough, and you didn't provide a link to the required journal post.

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You linked me to Emily. I need a reference pic of Edith, or I can't take your request under consideration. I will not design a character for you.

You also failed to provide a link to the required journal. You need to read and follow the rules before asking someone for free art.

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That Emily art was the reference art sorry I didn’t follow the rules I misunderstand and forget a lot
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Ok she has red hair, Caucasian skin, green eyes and how do I post her reference art in the comment?

Character name: Foxe Lockram Character Reference:

Foxe Lockram screenshot

Personality (3-5 words): Sharp mind, Sharp wit

Link to journal or poll:

If you decide to do the drawing of Lockram, here are a few points. That said, I've never really described him in detail, so just take these as suggestions... Right handed, but uses weapon with left hand. Former ISB asset. Very fond of duster coats. Was a willing test subject for the prototype of the technology that gave palpatine immortality, so yeah, he doesn't really age. His actual age is 37, but he looks 30. He never lets his datapad out of his sight, due partly to the fact that if he dies, his contiousness will transfer to it...yeah, our campaign is weird. His fur color is like a red fox, but red and dark grey instead of red and white. His gun is a heavy blaster pistol (DE-10, specifically).

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Hiya, here's two character if you're interested in either of them

Character Name: Carolus

Character Reference(s):

Personality (3-5 words): bold, hard-headed, a bit narcissistic

Character Name: Cordell

Character Reference(s):

Personality (3-5 words): compassionate, benevolent, solemn

Link to journal or poll:

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Hi my friend! If you are still taking requests; could you please consider doing either my OC Iri or Cudonia? If not I totally understand! :D

Character Name: Iridescent (Iri) Windseed

Character Reference(s):

Iri headshot

Personality (3-5 words): Kind, shy, protective, enchanting

Character Name: Cudonia

Character Reference(s):

Request For Royal Breeze By Maye May-dbmzzyx
 Free  Cudonia  Royal Breeze S Oc  By Abstractmore

Personality (3-5 words): Curious, compassionate, kind, joyful

Link to journal or poll:

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