Commission Info 2021 (Slots Filled)

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Before placing an order, be sure to read my newly updated Terms of Service at the bottom of the page!

Arrow left Arrow left Arrow left CURRENT COMMISSION TYPES AND PRICES Arrow right Arrow right Arrow right

Faux Watercolor Portraits
Price: $35-$40 (complex characters cost more)
 Commission: Vespina by Acaciathorn Commission: Dionya by Acaciathorn Commission: Amelia Dawnfire by Acaciathorn

Digital Portraits
Price: $35-$40
Bothans, Humanized by Acaciathorn

Arrow left Arrow left Arrow left TO PLACE AN ORDER, FILL OUT THE FOLLOWING FORM & SEND IT TO ME VIA NOTE (NOT CHAT) Arrow right Arrow right Arrow right

Character Name:
Commission Type:
Character References ( & Links Preferred):
Describe Character's Personality in 3-5 Words:
Anything Else I Should Know?:
Your Paypal E-Mail Address:

Remember to read my Commission Terms of Service below!

Bullet; Green I will not accept all commission requests. My supporters on always get first priority. The rest of the time, I choose based on what appeals to me. I am chronically ill and cannot guarantee that I will be available to take on projects, so I reserve the right to decline commission requests that don't pique my interest. It doesn't mean I dislike your character, it just means I have too much on my plate.

Bullet; Green All payments are made via PayPal. Once I confirm your order, I will send you an invoice. I will not start work until I receive payment. The invoice will also have a small charge to cover the PayPal fee.

Bullet; Green NO WRITTEN CHARACTER DESCRIPTIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED. I cannot stress this enough. You MUST have clear visual references. I will not design a character for you, and I cannot work from hard-to-see sketches or WIPs.

Bullet; Green I will only accept revisions during the sketch phase. If you ask for more than one revision, it WILL cost extra. Be clear about what you want from the outset.

Bullet; Green Turnaround time varies. The average wait time is 3-6 weeks after I have received payment, but I may work faster.

Bullet; Green Commissioned artwork is for personal use only, not commercial use! No prints, t-shirts, mugs, stickers, etc. — nothing that generates revenue. You can upload the image wherever you want, but please include a link back to my gallery.

Bullet; Green Limit 1 character per order. Additional characters must be requested separately.
  •  Won't Draw
    • Nudity
    • Fetishes
    • Mechs
    • Vehicles
    • Detailed Weapons
    • Armor
    • Monsters
    • Animals
    • Extreme Violence
  • Will Draw
    • Humans
    • Humanoids
    • The Following Star Wars Aliens: Bothan, Cathar, Chiss, Falleen, Gungan, Mirialan, Rodian, Squib, Sullustan, Twi'lek, Zabrak, & Zeltron
    • Mild Gore
    • Suggestive Clothing
    • Plant Life
If you have any questions, please send me a note!

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Laemiri's avatar

Hi! I was wondering if you had any openings

Acaciathorn's avatar

Case by case basis. Send me a note with your info :)

SheeKNS's avatar
Hello! I would be interested on getting one of these at some point in the future, so I have a question. For the watercolor ones, would shipping the original piece be an option? I would pay a little extra for the shipping costs, of course.
Acaciathorn's avatar
They are all digital. They only look like watercolor because I am good at faking it :XD:
SheeKNS's avatar
Ohhh alright then XD
Alphan1x's avatar
Hi, are you still open? :)
Acaciathorn's avatar
Yes, you'll find the journal updated just now. My terms of service have changed, so be sure to check out the new info!
obsessivebutterflies's avatar

Hello, hope your health is doing alright. I was wondering if your watercolor commissions are open?

Acaciathorn's avatar
They are open, but there's a bit of a queue
obsessivebutterflies's avatar

Oh, okay! May I ask how many spots are filled?

obsessivebutterflies's avatar

Ack! I never saw this message, I'm very sorry! I'm still interested, even if there's a longer queue, if your commissions are open.

Acaciathorn's avatar
I'm still open! My terms of service have changed though, so be sure to check out the new info (included in the commission journal above).
Floralitte's avatar
I look forward to your commisions opening <3
Acaciathorn's avatar
they are open now :3
Tiny-Galaxy-Witch's avatar
Hello, are they still open?
Amalgrim's avatar
Pardon me, as we're moving into spring, are your commissions currently open? Or should I wait for an update? c:
Acaciathorn's avatar
There are slots open, but I'm having a tendonitis flare up, so everything is going to take much longer than normal
Amalgrim's avatar
That's very understandable! I'm sorry to hear about the tendinitis D:  Would it be inconvenient for you if I placed an order now, then? (I'm sorry to ask stupid questions. I just try to be aware about stressing artists!)
Acaciathorn's avatar
You can send me the info now ^_^
RougaFang's avatar
are you able to draw Selonians from star wars?
Acaciathorn's avatar
I don't think I could do that species justice, I'm afraid
RougaFang's avatar
I dont suppose you know any artists that could? Really hard to find someone who can do it without it looking more otter than alien
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