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Richenda Spinosa

By Acaciathorn
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Another NPC from our Ars Magica campaign!

Richenda Spinosa is Lilium's on-again off-again love interest. 
"Spinny", as Lilium calls her, is a faerie-blooded pyromancer who lost her fire magic and was subsequently ostracized by her peers. Deeply bitter about the loss of her calling, Richenda has grown into a very angry young woman with a penchant for spells involving thorns. 

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Lol, her and Lilium must make quite the pair. Got very different vibes going on.

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Happy plant lady and grumpy plant lady

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Can I have that dress? 😆 awesome character!

Absurd--Reality's avatar

What a cool looking staff! Love her tattered hair too.

Thank you for also putting her on the Atlas Forum!

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Of course! I love that forum :heart: It's so helpful whenever I have mechanics questions

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Love how her braid looks like a root

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That’s a neat OC!

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Its a good work :)

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Her eyes burn with the fire that she lost the ability to control!

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What a gorgeous design!

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Thank you so much!

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The patches of fiery patterns on the sides are just the perfect accents :love: And her eyes of course :eyes:

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