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The fourth and final mage from our Ars Magica game!
Matthias is a member of a mystery cult which studies "The Enigma", an esoteric belief system revolving around cyclical time and reincarnation. His magic is attuned to the concept of change; his tattoos frequently roam around his body, and he is fond of shapeshifting into wolf form. Unbeknownst to his friends, Matthias has a dark secret regarding his magical lineage - one that would cost him his life if it were ever exposed.

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This is amazing! I love his design! :love:
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He's got some good robes.
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Awesome design! I wonder, is that a scar or a tattoo on his head?
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It's a tattoo. He has them all over his body
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Very cool character design!

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Well done, very interesting character!
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I wonder what secret he is harboring? O.O

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He's part of a druidic tradition whose members were all hunted down and killed....but a few secretly survived, including Matthias's teacher
Diedne Magic is amazingly flexible!

How do you feel about house Criamon in the current edition?
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I've only ever played 5th Edition, so I can't really compare it to others
That's fair enough. :)
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