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Commission for MobileHomer, who (amazingly) offered to pay me actual money to "draw something JN related". I'm like...:icontonguewaggleplz:
Immediately thereafter, the fandom gods descended from the heavens and decreed that I should re-draw my old JN Genderbender pic from 2007. Allow me to introduce the gender-swapped characters!

Jamie Neutron
"But guys! The odds of another accident happening are 1,456,782 to 1!"
A genius in the fields of mathematics, bio-engineering, and astrophysics, Jamie is a master of all things technical. She can build an interstellar starship from the junk lying around in your garage, brew a mutagenic cocktail of doom, and clear out those pesky pop-up ads from your desktop computer. Unfortunately for her family and peers, her overzealous curiosity and lack of common sense often lead her to create inventions that fail catastrophically, inviting mayhem and destruction down upon the unsuspecting townsfolk.
She suffers from a perpetual nose cold due to late night experiments, and frequent periods of seclusion have left her with a naive streak, a know-it-all attitude, and an inflexible sense of morality. She has an unfortunate tendency to use her friends as guinea pigs and sometimes treats people like research projects instead of human beings with thoughts and feelings of their own. Despite these flaws, she's fiercely loyal and has been known to risk her life to save others. She's not afraid to be herself, and when the chips are down, she can draw on her laundry list of talents to find a solution to any calamity.

Sydney Vortex
"What's the point of winning if I can't beat Neutron?"
Sydney Vortex is brilliant, critical, competitive, and perfectionistic in all aspects of his life. His parents constantly pressure him to succeed academically, but despite his best efforts, he always ends up second best. He both admires and resents Jamie for stealing his spotlight, and the two of them have been known to have entire conversations consisting of nothing but snide remarks and sarcastic retorts. Sydney is frustrated by his inability to master his turbulent emotions, and he seeks to gain better control through the study of martial arts. At age 11, he's already shown himself to be a Karate and Judo prodigy. He's taken to wearing the uniform outside of training, just to remind Jamie that there's something he's better at (and totally NOT because he once overheard her confess that she finds uniforms attractive ;P).
Sydney's cold anger and obsessive tendencies have earned him an unpleasant reputation at Lindbergh Elementary - the only person who really understands him is his best friend, "Lil" B Folfax. The two of them spend most of their free time hanging out together, when they're not getting roped into some crazy adventure with the girls, of course.

Carla Wheezer
"♪ Oh I wish I was a llama, in a great big llama world! ♫"
Jamie's best friend Carla is a shy, illness-prone, and socially awkward girl who seems to always say the wrong thing at the wrong time. Carla isn't particularly good in school, and it doesn't help that her parents are always calling in and reminding her to take various embarrassing medications. The redhead is often teased by her classmates for her freckles and baby belly; only Jamie and Sheena accept her for who she really is. Carla is easily frightened and has been known to scream at the sight of danger, yet somehow never falters when Jamie decides to subject her to a barrage of creative and definitely-not-harmful-in-any-way experiments. She is wholly devoted to her friends...though there is some evidence to suggest that she secretly envies Jamie deep down.
Carla adores fuzzy animals, especially llamas and alpacas, and hopes to someday raise them for a living.

Sheena Estevez
"Think of the bubblegum...the tiny chocolate bars...the artificial flavors...Red Dye #5!"
Sheena Estevez is hyperactive, fun-loving, and completely and utterly addicted to anything smothered in corn syrup. She is obsessed with cartoon characters, especially Ultralord and his busty female counterpart, Ultralady, and knows all 9,478 facts from the Ultralord website (which she wrote herself). Although she is quite creative, Sheena's short attention span means that she is always behind in school - in fact, she was held back a grade after failing more tests than any other student in Lindbergh Elementary history (she once scored a zero on a test where you got an automatic 30 points just for writing your name). She drives teachers to drink and ends up in detention at least once a week, where she kills time by doodling all over her hair in permanent marker.
When she's not hanging out with Carla and Jamie, Sheena spends her time sketchily flirting with Lil B, who to everyone's shock seems to actually like her in return.

"Lil" B Folfax
"Don't tell me that's just hormones."
Easy-going, fun, and mellow, Lil B perfectly balances out his best friend Sydney's intense personality. Grade-wise he's a mediocre student, but he's socially adept and involved in dozens of extracurricular activities, including baseball, basketball, and track. His greatest passion is music - he can play 4 different instruments and is knowledgeable about all genres of modern music, though funk and hip-hop are his favorites. He frequently gets exasperated by Sydney and Jamie's "love-hate thing", but for the most part doesn't let things get under his skin. Next to Jamie, he is the most tech-savvy member of the group, never leaving the house without his smartphone, multiple MP3 players, and enhanced bass headset. Lil B appreciates Sheena's spontaneity and enthusiasm, and over time starts to feel a sort of protective affection for her, despite Sydney's disapproval.

*robotic purring vibrations*
Named after Marie Curie, Jamie's robot cat comes along on nearly all her owner's adventures. Mischievous and occasionally disobedient, Curie is nonetheless Jamie's most successful and beloved invention. (Credit to Perla for the idea to make her a cat!)

(Other potential characters include Nicki Dean, Benny Quinlan, Bolbetti Stroganovsky, Eunice Strych, etc.)

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I can imagine curie the robot cat coughs up bolts just like how a cat coughs up hair balls