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Jimmy Neutron Art Meme

By Acaciathorn
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Jimmy Neutron Art Meme...just what you always wanted. :thumbsup:

Fill it out! And remember...Haaaaaave fun with it! :P
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TV go dark! ROFL
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I know right? Best scene ever
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I have been hypnotized . . . Totally doing THIS! :D
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mhmm.. I want to try draw this meme....I actually really loved this cartoon when I was kid.. ;)))
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The part at the end... is actually hypnotizing! I AM NOW HYPNOTIZED!!!
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Whoa... Seriously, I can feel my mind going blank. Is it just me, or does that have an effect on you, too? That is... *goes into a hypnotic trance*
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Ahahaha I just realized the "Haaaave fun with it!" was a reference to Mr. Neutron. I feel retarded.
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I did one: [link] (not very well ^^;) I had a lot of fun drawing Libby :D
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Long, meme is long.

But, hey, it's Jimmy Neutron, so I can sacrifice. :D
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omg... it MOVED! lmfao!... no seriously... i think i went in2 a trance for a brief second...
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hehe this show wuz my favorite when I wus younger... lolz... sounds like fun... :P
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I have a do you complete a meme if you don't have photoshop?
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Just draw the pictures on paper, then scan them into the computer and paste them into the space using paint or w/e. Here's an example of someone who did this: [link]
(I'm sure you can do a better job with the scans)
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Thanks so much for the info^^ My JN Meme will be up hopefully tonight^^
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