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Fatin is PaladinPhantom's bodacious character from our Ars Magica game. :heart:
Fatin was born in the city of Beirut, in the former Principality of Galilee. After her magical Gift was discovered, she was sent to the Rhineland to study. When she returned home for a visit at the age of 18, she encountered a jinni named Marud who fell obsessively in love with her. Now that she's a full-blown mage, she is looking for a way to banish her supernatural stalker so she can get back to living her life on her own terms.

Other magi in our party:  Matthias by Acaciathorn Lilium by Acaciathorn  Thaeyrin by Acaciathorn
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what magic does she have?

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She's currently a magical generalist, meaning she knows a little bit about a lot of things. She may find a focus later on
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Very tall for a medieval female - is she of house Flambeau?
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So, a pair of merinitae and a criamon? Nice covenant!
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Love her look and attitude!
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Good, get rid of that stalker. :lol: Should be a lesson for all the stalkers of future!

I love her hair. Does she always wear it in braids, or maybe lets it loose sometimes?

She is not only a pretty, but also a confident woman. :D I think Fatin will achieve a lot in life. Though, I'm getting an impression that she won't hesitate inconveniencing others if they get in her way...
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Haha, she is certainly bold and self-assured. And perhaps, just a little bit reckless ;)
To answer the hair question, she probably wears it loose when she's in her chambers, but not out in public.
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I love how you drew the portrait, how her braid is the border :heart:
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She looks rather mischievous! The pattern on her dress is fantastic!
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lovely looking character :heart:
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Rama-DAMN girl!
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