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Eloise is PaladinPhantom's secondary character from our Ars Magica game (her primary character is Fatin). 

Eloise is a very small woman cursed to turn into a very small bear on the night of the full moon. An expert in medicinal plants, she acts as the castle's de facto apothecary. Despite growing up in almost total isolationshe's eager to make friends and learn about the world. 

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Her lineart and colors give her a soft feel, she seems like a sweetheart in this :heart:

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Doesn't sound like a curse to me :P They seem like a very cute character.

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The real curse is how people treat her when they find out she's a werebear

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That is very tragic. I hope that she finds many people to surround herself with that accept her werebear status.

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Very beautiful character, very soothing color scheme too

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You welcome ^-^

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she's beautiful ;-; i hope she gets the friends she deserves!

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Aww, she's smol.

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She looks like a very sweet woman! :heart:

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