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Denisovan Girl

By Acaciathorn
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Nearly a decade ago, a snippet of pinky bone found in Siberia introduced the world to a strange new kind of early human. Called Denisovans, after the name of the cave in the Altai Mountains where the bone was found, these ancient relatives of the Neanderthals inhabited Asia for tens of thousands of years—yet no fossil trace of them has been found save that finger bone, a few teeth, and a piece of skull.

We know from DNA evidence that Denisovans interbred both with Neanderthals and with anatomically modern humans. In fact, there are human beings alive today who carry genes inherited from this long-dead species. We aren't certain what Denisovans looked like, but initial genetic reconstructions suggest a wide face, large teeth, low forehead, brown skin, brown hair, and brown eyes.

This is what I imagine a first or second generation Denisovan/human hybrid might look like
—a woman who is perhaps ancestral to someone stuck in traffic at this very moment :XD:

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Great work, love the colors and mood!

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you should perhaps consider the phenotypic characteristics of australian aborigines, as these people are the most closely related of all extant human groups to Denisovans, sharing between 3-5% of their genome.

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The aborigines? This was a Siberian race, the similar genetics doesn’t define too much as one slight difference can change all of the feature, but hey what ever no one knows, i certainly dont :shrug:

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I believe that Papuans have a higher percentage (current estimates put it between 7%-8%), with introgression potentially occurring as recently as 30,000 years ago in New Guinea.

I actually based the drawing on some artistic reconstructions from the BBC, which were created using forensic genetic techniques. I gave her a much narrower mouth, however, since she's supposed to be a hybrid.

Hopefully we'll get a complete skull soon, so artists can create more accurate depictions!

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Interesting.. Will need more free time to properly react to this tho.

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Great work! Can feel the cold and hardship, but it's so beautiful at the same time.

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This is from a cartoon I'm sure of it.

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a cartoon inside my brain

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Either way it looks fantastic...

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The first thing I noticed, and what also attracted me to this work, is that wintery atmosphere you have captured so well. The muted colours and the cloudy breath coming form her mouth are great details attributing to that as well. Something else I really enjoy is the texture in the overall work. It makes it look like a traditional piece, which adds a lovely charm to your drawing. You did a really good job on creating depth as well in this work; the girl is what’s darkest in th foreground, and behind her, we can see the trees in the background kind of fade away, perhaps because of the snowfall. Also, is that blood on her spear? If so, another great detail! Keep up the great work, you’re doing wonderful things!

This critique brought to you by We Three Pirate Kings, Merry Critmas!

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Thank you so much!

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O I love the details and how clear drawn this is!

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Amazing, I love the painting work :o


This is ace; well done!

memod's avatar

This is great, I love the expression and overal look! My only critique is that I'd group the fur with the darker values. Right now it doesn't really read and only after looking at this for a while I even noticed the fur. Hope I'm not overstepping here, but in my opinion I'd give it a darker colour with maybe a few light parts that bleed into the snow. Alternatively you could run a cast shadow behind her to make the bright fur read :)

Nonetheless, overall good work! :nod:


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Your critique makes artistic sense! However, I chose white for the fur because it seemed like a logical form of camouflage for an ambush hunter - a woman crouching behind a snow bank would be hard to spot with white fur draped over her shoulders. The blending is intentional to illustrate this idea :)

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This is a great piece! I love the texturing of the entire composition, and the minimal color palette you used. Great facial expression, and good job on the vapor leaving her nose (I always seem to screw this up when I try).

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Wow this is absolutely gorgeous! I love the textures and the winter landscape!

And the story behind it is so fascinating.

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